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IZEcoin (IZE) is a fast open-source cryptocurrency built on its own blockchain. The IZEcoin size is 64.000.000 coins (sixty-four million), all pre-mined, will be given away to almost 88%. The last 12% stay for the ongoing development of the coin.

IZEcoin is the pay coin of choice for the “20Again Network EcoSystem”. The EcoSystem comprises corporate, business and retail partners who will accept the IZEcoin and promote the coin to their customers as a pay and reward option.

Thinking Crypto? Think IZEcoin!
The 21st Century ...
... has brought our world many amazing new concepts and experiences.
As human beings ...
we are developing new skills and expectations to keep pace with the ever-evolving environment in which we live.
Computer technology has changed ...
the way we communicate, do business, shop and the way we conceptualize money. The online economy and “iconomy” continues to grow massively each day.
To serve the growing digital currency requirments, we have developed and continue to build a retail EcoSystem to serve communities all around the world. Using the worlds newly accepted money that is crypto currency, you will be able to shop with IZEcoin on platforms that install our IZEcoin WooCommerce plug-in.
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IZEcoin Was Created ...
... to become a visible part of the new global cryptocurrency EcoSystem by meeting and surpassing its requirements well into the foreseeable future.

IZEcoin aims to grow its presence in the marketplace by introducing the coin into a range of different industries, creating a high demand for the coin.

IZEcoin Provides All Coin Holders ...
... the ability to mint up to 5% additional coins per annum, on all their stake coin value for 10 years (until July 2027). Coin holders could benefit from the price of IZEcoin, and will also be able to increase their coin portfolio every year. Users do not have to purchase expensive mining equipment to get the most out of their coins.
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