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Omaha/Valley, NE

by htn
Omaha/Valley, NE NWS Forecast Office Omaha/Valley, NE In 1928, a series of earthquakes destroyed most of the buildings in the capital. A a lot bigger earthquake in 1931, was the most important within the state’s history, devastating numerous cities alongside the coast. The Nineteen Thirties introduced the Great Depression, which together with the disasters, prompted wide scale migration to Mexico City. In 1944, torrential rains brought on large flooding within the Tuxtepec area, causing hundreds of deaths. For much of the colonial interval, the state (then an intendencia or province) was comparatively isolated with few roads and other types […]

Urban Dictionary: bf

by htn
Urban Dictionary: bf A related, however not equal, concept is the extra ambiguous “woman good friend” – a companion of the feminine gender who’s possibly lower than a girlfriend but potentially greater than a pal. That is to say, the relationship just isn’t necessarily platonic, neither is it necessarily an unique, serious, committed, or long-time period relationship. The term avoids the overt sexual implications that come with referring to a lady as somebody’s “mistress” or “lover”. The time period also can typically be employed when someone simply does not know the precise standing of a girl that a man has […]