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Cornwall Climate Care is an environmental charity headed up by Claire Wallerstein (producer) and Bryony Stokes (director).

Our mission is to engage people in facing the climate emergency by making it relevant to the local community in one of the UK’s most beautiful places, Cornwall. 

We are making a series of 30-minute films to document what’s happening with climate change here, and showcasing the amazing and often pioneering work being done by local communities and businesses to tackle it.

We may have all slowed down during the pandemic – but climate change has not. In fact, greenhouse gas emissions are set to show their second biggest rise ever in 2021.

It’s more important now than ever to motivate people, and we aim to do this by highlighting the local side of a global issue – that is so often portrayed as a problem mostly for polar bears or people on Pacific islands.

Our local approach to climate change is already starting to attract interest – and could make a big impact in Cornwall and beyond.

What we want to do1617985555_20140916_141810.jpg

Our first film, Under the Surface, looking at the marine environment, was released in February and had an incredible response, with 1,500 people watching the live launch and over 5,000 total views to date.

Now we need to fundraise to produce the next films in the series, which will cover topics ranging from our housing, energy and food to tourism, health and transport.

While the films will be freely available for all to watch online, a really important part of the project is about taking the message further.

We want to get the films into secondary schools all over Cornwall, Plymouth and the South West. We are producing educational resources to accompany them, so they can be used by teachers in lessons right across the curriculum.

Why is this so important?

Our films are non-political, non-sensationalist, and aim to help build up the broad support that is needed to help us reach essential climate targets. We will not get there unless everybody is on board!

Climate change is going to overshadow the lives of today’s young people, so we need to get them learning and talking about it in a way that will not induce helplessness or fear, but instead will inspire them to be part of the solution.

Early feedback from teachers and students is that young people find our films highly engaging and motivating because of their locally relevant and positive focus.

How will it happen?

We are already hard at work on our second film, focusing on climate change and the Cornish fishing industry, which we aim to release in late June. 

However, we need help to complete this film and the future episodes in the planned series of eight.

We are crowdfunding to cover the costs of one film – each episode takes four months to make and costs approximately £17,000, including £1,500 to create materials and lesson plans for a range of lessons for Key Stages 4 and 5 (GCSE and A Level).

We already have a team of experienced teachers lined up who are keen to use the films as a tool to help motivate young people in Cornwall, Plymouth and beyond.

The team is ready to start producing curriculum-based GCSE and A Level materials to go with the films, not just for Science or Geography lessons, where climate change is usually covered, but also in English, Art, Business Studies, Media, etc.

Anything we are able to raise beyond our initial £17,000 target will go towards funding the next films in the series.

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