Nottingham’s Urban Stone Mill – a Food and Drink crowdfunding project in Nottingham by Kimberley Bell, Emilie Lowen and Emma Shires

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We are two bakers and a miller setting up a Mill Cooperative in Nottingham. We are part of a movement called UK Grain Lab – a group of people pushing forward to localise and humanise the economics of grains. 

Emilie is a baker, setting up her own bakery in Sneinton Market in Nottingham City Centre. Kimberley is a baker and owner of Small Food Bakery, on the other side of the city centre. Emma is an engineer and miller.

Together, we are raising funds to buy a small, modern, working stone mill that will be placed right in the window of a Nottingham City Centre bakery in Sneinton Market. 

We want everyone to see how flour and bread is made from grain.

Why do we want to bring an urban mill to Nottingham?

Over the years we have seen the commodification of grains and the removal of processing and production of food from the areas that we live. Historically, there were many working mills in Nottingham, serving a much smaller city, now we only have 1.

Small-scale food systems are where businesses and consumers buy their food directly from growers and producers rather than large corporations. We believe that these localised and human-scale systems produce food that is more delicious, more diverse, and healthier for us, whilst regenerating the environment, bringing communities together, and creating opportunities for meaningful work. 

Bread is such an essential food and The Mill, as a shared infrastructure for Nottingham, will be the anchor point for telling its story. 

The Mill will enable us to buy grain direct from, and establish long-term relationships with farmers. By all working closely together we will be able to thrive as well as grow the network of farmers, millers, and bakers in Nottingham. We love visiting the amazing farmers who grow the grain destined for our bakeries and we can’t wait to share their stories with you too. 

The Mill and our Target

Below is our stone mill! The Mill is also coming with a sifter (on the left) and an air hammer for maintenance and will be shipped all the way from Vermont, USA. We have raised more than half the cost of the mill between us and our £10,000 target will help us to finish paying for the mill as well as buy some of the essential infrastructure that we need to get up and running. The chart below details how we will spend the money. 

Further Reading

The amazing work of localised grain economies is too big of a topic to give justice to here, but if you’d like to read more then the links below offer a wealth of information:

Thank you so much for reading, we can’t wait to share with you The Mill, the flour, and the bread!

Kimberley, Emilie & Emma

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