The Future is Europe – EU Supergirl Tour – a Personal Causes crowdfunding project in Sheffield by Madeleina Kay

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#EUsupergirl plans to tour the EU27 countries to encourage young European citizens to vote for pro-EU parties in the May 2019 parliamentary elections

#TheFutureisEurope #ThisTimeImVoting

I have been campaigning as #EUsupergirl against Brexit since the vote to leave in June 2016; using art, literature and music to communicate a positive narrative about Europe. Now I want to turn my attention to the bigger picture, the thing all Remainers are ultimately fighting for; Europe. Regardless of the UK’s participation, I want to help support the EU’s #ThisTimeImVoting campaign to encourage young people to stand up for Europe and vote for pro EU parties in the May elections.

My message for the youth of Europe is clear: ‘If you cannot be bothered to stand up for Europe, then you are handing power over to the populists. Brexit is a disaster and if you want to prevent its occurrence in your own country, then you need to vote for the future of Europe.’ 

I plan to visit the capital of every member state, to meet with the national EU parliament and support their #ThisTimeImVoting campaign. I will also be speaking/performing at events/festivals to promote participation in the elections, capturing content from these meetings and events which will be shared on social media. I’ve already been invited to events in: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. I will also field press interviews and media coverage to amplify the impact of the project.

Travelling by train will also be an opportunity to promote the EU’s interrail pass and the value of easy travel facilitated by the EU. I will document the #EUsupergirltour en route, through photographs, writing and video content posted on social media to narrativise my campaign. Also interviewing EU citizens to ask them about the value of their citizenship to them personally, to give voice to real human stories of love, work, study and travel in the EU. 

My primary aim is to increase participation in the EU elections, especially targeting the youth of Europe. But more broadly, I want to raise awareness of the value of EU citizenship to our quality of life, to educate people about the benefits of EU membership and inspire others to take action to promote the EU. Apathy is one of the greatest challenges the EU faces, so drawing attention to the benefits of EU membership, through eye-catching publicity stunts and creating fun, entertaining, attention-grabbing content is key engaging people’s attentions and provoking conversation. I want to change the political debate to become more inclusive, diverse and accessible for citizens to participate and feel like their voice is valued. 

In a world of identity-politics, the #EUsupergirl presents a positive, aspirational identity for the future of Europe which I hope serves as a role-model to other citizens. People of all ages can identify with and understand the ‘super hero’ narrative – but it is especially popular with young people. Creating fun, entertaining and memorable content for social media is key to engaging the youth who primarily consume content through online platforms.

The super-hero identity, musical, performance and creative aspects of my activism help to combat apathy, and engage people who are bored by the political debate. My campaign has an authentic, grassroots style and my individual narrative approach, using personality and humour is intended to be more relatable to other young people.

I also intend to cross paths with the (Jeunes Europeans Federalistes) JEF’s tour bus, to support their campaign for youth participation in the elections.

The trip will inspire artwork and protest songs which I will bring back to the UK to continue my work fighting against Brexit and leading the UK youth back into the heart of the EU. #TheFutureisEurope REGARDLESS of what happens with Brexit!

Money raised through crowdfunding will cover travel costs; Interrail pass, ferry crossings, air travel, accommodation and food, and a high-quality phone camera to record content for social media. All donations – no matter what size – are gratefully received and help to support the #EUsupergirltour fighting against Brexit and populism across the EU.Thanks for your support! Xx

Find out more about my campaigning on Wikipedia and my website

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