Cornish language short film by Edward Rowe – a Film and Theatre crowdfunding project in Falmouth by Edward Rowe

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Enys is a young man who lives and works on a farm with his widowed mother and his grandmother. Like his dead father, Enys is an exceptional rugby player and leads his team to the final of The Cornwall Cup. Not only does he have the pressure of filling his dads boots both on the farm and the field, he wrestles with a relationship he is desperate to keep secret…

Why now? 

Having written Hireth, Trevithick! and The Cornish Caretakers (children’s shows) and a few stand up shows, it was time for me to write and direct a short film in Kernewek. 

I’ve been learning Cornish for a number of years and have long been a supporter for Cornish to be taught, used, written, sung, rapped, spoken and everything in between! Regardless of where you’re from or where you live, once the language gets under your skin, it is truly addictive. Place names make sense. It connects you with people and the place. Dialect often comes from language. And speaking Cornish in my homeland is truly magical experience. 

Mab Hudel will be presented in the Cornish language and will continue the fantastic work already done by previous FylmK films. I appeared in An Tarow by Jonny Dry and Mowes by Bryher Flanders, and both directors and films have been an enormous inspiration to me learning Cornish. I want to continue that rich vein of making contemporary Cornish language films.

Mab Hudel will also support the development of a number of artists in Cornwall, including Millie Jones as a first time film producer, Falmouth University students, local actors including Mary Woodvine and Susan Penhaligon, local rugby clubs and various crew members. 

Where will my money go? 

Mab Hudel is being generously supported by Fylm K, Screen Cornwall and the School of Film and Television (SoFT) at Falmouth University. This is a mixture of cash money, Executive Producing support, Cornish translation and training, as well as providing us with some equipment. 

The fact is, we need extra cash to make this film the best it can be. Filming will take place over three days, but on top of this there are rehearsals beforehand (not just for performance, but Cornish language too), editing and grading after filming is wrapped, alongside travel, accommodation and equipment hire (for what we cannot borrow from SoFT). And of course, there are wages too for the cast and crew; we’re committed to paying the living wage to everyone on set. 

We already have £5,000 in place. We are essentially seeking to crowdfund an entire day of filming (£3,000) to complete our budget. 

Your help in achieving this is hugely appreciated, and to show our thanks, check out the rewards – Kernow King himself could be hand-making you a pasty very soon….

NB: All ‘in person’ rewards will take place in Cornwall and on a date set by us (likely to be around March 2022 onwards). We’ll aim to give you as much notice as possible, but if you can’t make an event once it has been announced, we’ll do our best to offer something similar as a thank you/reward. Thank you again for your support. 

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