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What is Lesbian and Gay News?

Lesbian and Gay News is an alternative source of current affairs, analysis and opinion for lesbians and gay men. Lesbian and Gay News (LGN) picks up from an historic tradition of British lesbian and gay publications such as Gay News, which ran from 1972-1983, and The Pink Paper, which ran for 25 years from 1987.

We’re here to reflect the lives, politics and culture of same sex attraction and to report today’s major debates around sex and gender. Most importantly, we’re determined to do so in a temperate, informed and respectful way. 

LGN will also preview and review the arts including theatre, film and books from a lesbian and gay perspective.

We’re lining up an impressive range of lesbian and gay writers and journalists plus we’ll be introducing you to ‘The LGN Conversation’, a special area for our readers to debate, discuss and meet each other in a safe and secure online space. The Lesbian and Gay News team have many years experience in lesbian and gay journalism and publishing.

How will the money be spent?

We are raising money through Crowdfunder to help us get Lesbian and Gay News off the ground. We are seeking to raise £45,000 to help us run the site for the first year.

The money you give us will be used to pay for a news reporter, for features and articles by freelance journalists, writers and columnists, stock photography, programming, technical and server costs plus website production and editing.

Over half of any money raised on the initial Crowdfunder will be used to pay for a news reporter and freelance journalists and writers contributing to the site. We want to pay a fair rate to the skilled and well-informed journalists and writers who we hope will regularly contribute to Lesbian and Gay News.

What is our longer term business model?

Lesbian and Gay News’s longer term business model is based predominantly on subscriptions for ‘The LGN Conversation’. The ‘LGN Conversation’ is a readers’ members-only meeting and discussion area. Our subscription is £15 for three months, £25 for 6 months and £40 for one year.

Only our subscribers will be members of ‘The LGN Conversation’ with their own member’s profile, a ‘News Timeline’, messaging plus online forums and discussions. Only members will be able to comment on articles on the main LGN website and contribute to forum debates.

‘The LGN Conversation’ will include a debating section using Zoom-style technology with chaired discussions and events. Subscribers have their own ‘News Timeline’ where they can share newspaper and magazine articles, YouTube videos, social media posts and their own reviews of books, films or theatre productions.

We believe that the subscriptions model will bring relatively quick returns within 12 months and therefore we would hope to be self-supporting by the end of the first year.

Longer term we would like to be able to employ a full time editor, an additional news reporter, a freelance sub-editor and technical programmer plus a bigger budget for writers and contributors.

Our founder, David Bridle, launched and has run the gay scene, arts and health magazine Boyz since 1991 and before that he co-edited the lesbian and gay newspaper The Pink Paper from 1989 to 1991 with the late Alison Dilly. David is a former BBC staff employee and worked at Broadcasting House from 1984 to 1989.

Our Vision

We believe there are an increasing number of lesbians and gay men who want to read quality journalism that more closely reflects their lived experience and their personal beliefs. They want a safe and secure online space to read about issues that matter to them, to connect and to debate. 

Most UK and US lesbian and gay news outlets now embrace an all-encompassing umbrella belief in “LGBTQIA+” as the only perspective through which they are prepared to report the world. But such a uniform mindset often stops discussion of issues important predominantly to lesbian women or of concern only to gay men. Lesbian and Gay News will offer that. 

Lesbian and Gay News will be a respectful, intelligent news and opinion website in which a full range of views can be aired and through which calm, civilised debate can be had. We’re proud that our journalism is grounded in our shared lesbian and gay community history. It’s a way to understand the place we are today.

Please visit Lesbian and Gay News and see our latest articles, interviews and reports at  

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