Help the Bull Survive Covid-19 – a Business crowdfunding project in Mid Calder by Donald McLauchlan

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Lynda and I have thought long and hard about whether or not to share this and have ultimately decided that turning outwards to you all is far more positive than focusing inwards.
As some of you will know, we took over operations at the Bull in August 2009 and feel we have settled in the village not just running the local pub but also as a family with our four children.
The Bull has become our life’s work now and we have transformed it into a multi-award winning establishment.

Unfortunately, like so many businesses across the hospitality industry, we have had to completely change our business and shut our doors due to the current pandemic. With so many people offering guidance and so many lovely messages of support, we are determined to weather this storm. 

As we have all discovered Covid-19 is causing very real problems and concerns for both individuals and businesses of all sizes. Here at the Bull we are certainly not immune to these problems and concerns.


The grants, along with the furlough scheme the government have made available, have been invaluable in keeping our staff and paying our suppliers, however, moving on is undoubtedly going to be a trickier issue especially as rent is still being asked for by the building owner.

There are government backed loans available but our concern is that these are just adding to our debt and will of course need to be repaid upon re-opening, putting further pressure on a very delicate position.

That means we need to save the Black Bull Inn so that there is a job for us all at the end of all this. We are asking for your help to do this, so we have a proposition for you; our fantastic customers, family and friends – both new and regular. 

We would like to ask you guys to help see us through this difficult time. Whatever you are able to spare will go towards either a donation OR you can choose a monetary voucher which we will increase by 20%, to be spent here at the Bull when we re-open.

The reasoning behind coming to you is two fold. We are very aware that on reopening, business is very likely to be slow with people still wary of going out and unfortunately, most likely with capacity restrictions for social distancing. Having the promise of visits from you all will help boost that period.

Secondly, we feel far more comfortable owing your good selves than the bank. Adding 20% to the value of whatever you can give is only right as you will have played a direct part in keeping this wonderful pub alive!

We don’t expect something for nothing, so we’ve put together a range of rewards ready for when we reopen.

All contributors will also have their name included in our Roll Call of Thanks, which we will have hanging on the wall honouring those who have contributed to the preservation of the Black Bull Inn.


For every £1000 raised, we will donate a 3 course meal for 2 to a key worker. If you would like to nominate someone, all you need to do is send us a private message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We will put a shout out on all our social media platforms to announce when we hit the targets.  

All you need to include is the name of the person you are nominating, what they do, and a contact email address for them.

We look forward to partying with you all at the end of this! 

Stay safe everyone!
Donald, Lynda & all our Team

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