Rushton CE Primary School Log Cabin Classroom – a Community crowdfunding project in Rushton Spencer by Sarah Cockersole

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A little bit about Rushton CE Primary School and Nursery

Rushton CE Primary School has a rich history dating back to 1772 and we value our strong local links to the community. As a small school in a rural setting we are committed to providing the best kind of learning experiences to each and every child whilst being truly entwined in our community.

We seek to provide a safe, stimulating environment, caring for the individual child and providing a happy atmosphere for learning. The qualities of confidence, tolerance and compassion are encouraged, leading the child to become a valued member of the community.

Our staff are committed to ensuring each child reaches their full potential and that they have the skills and knowledge embedded ready for the next stage of their education when they move from Rushton to middle school.

Our vision going forwards is for growth and sustainability of pupil numbers. The school building is typical of a Church of England school built in the 18th century. The main reception and hall area are small in comparison to other primary schools, therefore we have to think creatively when planning spaces for learning and playing. As a small rural school it was designed to provide an educational setting for local children. Pupil numbers have always been lower than an average primary school, but since a decision was made to include nursery aged children in our provision in 2016, numbers have steadily increased. We currently have 48 children on roll and our catchment area is becoming broader. For this reason, we would like to create an additional space for the children.

We would love a log cabin classroom…

Although we want an additional space, we don’t want a bricks and mortar building… we would love a log cabin classroom that compliments our idyllic school grounds, so the children and adults can feel closer to the beautiful countryside that surrounds them. Our log cabin classroom would be built bespoke to our requirements, but below is an example of the vision. To make the space practical and purposeful, we would like to include a toilet with disabled access, mains electricity, heating, lighting, water, wifi and for it to be furnished to a high standard. The log cabin would be fully insulated and have plenty of windows and doors to allow natural light in. 

How are we going to achieve it?

We want to turn an unused area of the school into an inviting and open space that has multiple purposes for the school community. We want to offer more 3 and 4 year old’s a nursery place, as we are currently restricted with numbers due to the layout of the school. We want a space where children can read quietly or practice vital skills within the curriculum. A space where meetings can be held or a base for our after school clubs and Forest School sessions meeting point.   

Our project so far…

So far we’ve cleared the area by dismantling two old sheds, cut back the bamboo and we’ll soon be preparing the groundwork. We rely heavily on good will and support from staff, parents, families and the local community. With your help this neglected space, could be transformed into something wonderful, benefiting children for years to come. 

The next stage

The bespoke log cabin classroom is the most substantial cost to the project. A local Charity Trust have agreed to donate a percentage of the cost, but we will need to raise more funds to see the project completed. Our target is to raise an additional £5,000 that will get us closer to the dream of our log cabin classroom. 

And what if we win an extra £5000 from Calor? 

Once the funds have been raised for the log cabin, the extra money from Calor will contribute towards the transformation of classroom space. £500 will be put towards installing electricity into the log cabin, £1500 will go towards installing a toilet and a wash basin, £2000 will go towards furniture, lighting, fixtures and fittings. £1000 will go towards improving the surrounding outdoor play area and ensuring the space is safe and stimulating. 

As a small village school, funds are extremely limited. Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), also known as the Friends of Rushton CE Primary School, play a vital role in funding and supporting additional learning experiences for our children. We are thankful to have the amazing support of our children’s families, staff, governors and the local community at fundraising events throughout the year. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of disruption and hindered fundraising efforts. However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and we hope that the next academic school year will be a positive and productive one. 

Thank you for reading about our project and for the support you’ve shown us. 

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