In Memory of Gerald ‘The York Minster Cat’ – a Community crowdfunding project in York by Gerald ‘The York Minster Cat’

by crypto journalist

Thank you for visiting our page. There are I’m sure, many people out there who met and became fond of Gerald ‘The York Minster Cat’ who sadly passed away early September this year. 

Gerald was an incredibly special cat who spent the latter three years of his life happily patrolling the cobbled streets and gardens surrounding York Minster. Gerald had a very comfy bed and food at home but his independent character meant that for much of his days and nights he was out. 

Gerald became well known throughout York and infact the world, appearing in selfies and posts all over social media. He wasn’t fame crazy, it was merely a resulting side effect of his friendly nature and curiosity to meet and sit with people of all backgrounds. 

Gerald helped people through depression, he appeared in the background of wedding photos and inspired non-cat people to reconsider! 

His tragic and untimely death was a feature in the press both locally and nationally; a sign of his special and charming qualities and of the impact he had on hundreds of people.

In Gerald’s memory we would like to carry on the postive engagement he had with individuals and the wider community. 

In order to remember and celebrate him the way we wish to we hope to raise enough money to commission a local sculptor to create a lasting sculptural tribute to Gerald which will be a feature within York’s unique and popular cat trail which exists within the city. 

Both the location and artist are yet to be decided but we hope to raise enough funds to make this idea and tribute possible and will of course keep you updated along the way.

We thank you  for taking the time to read this and for any donation you are able to make. 

Thank you on behalf of Donald (Gerald’s Bengal Brother), his family (Justine, Sam, Elise), friends & fans. X

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