Getting in the last round for our good friend Rich – a Charities crowdfunding project in Bournemouth by Nathan John Alderton

by crypto journalist

Our hearts were broken yesterday with the devastating news that our good friend Rich was suddenly taken from us with out warning. 

His friends have privately started to put some money together to ease the pressure from his wife and family who already have enough to deal with. We now have the permission from his family to start this page so more of Rich’s friends can have the opportunity to get the last round in for Rich. His friends have put together £11,868 in the last 24 hours but We know there is still a lot of people that would like this opportunity.

In 2003 Rich signed an organ donation card and by doing so has saved the life’s of 4 people. Rich gave so much to everyone he met and in the final minutes of his heart still beating kept on giving to these people so their life’s could go on. 

Let’s show Rich the same love as he’s shown us. Let’s give our good friend Rich the send of he deserves.

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