Who Am I? children’s book & adult confidence book – a Community crowdfunding project in Southampton by Vie Portland

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Last year, a successful Crowdfunder campaign was run to raise funds for the first Emily book to be published. As well as the book, “Where Are We Going?” being in many homes, due to the generosity of donors, over 100 books were donated to children living in poverty, children with disabilities, and children in care; one has even gone as far as an orphanage in South Africa! And the reviews are wonderful! So many people loved the adventures and they loved that the conversations, activated by the questions at the back, covered imaginative adventures and people living with visible differences.

Now, there is a second Emily book!

In this new story, “Who Am I?”, Emily goes on more adventures whilst asking this big question, and her mum helps her see that she is all sorts of wonderful, just as she is.

As well as options to buy this book for yourself, there will be options to donate, so that it can reach many more children.

Vie has also written a book for adults, with a working title of “Kinder, Happier You”. In this book, she shares how she has gone from disliking who she was and how she looked, to being truly happy with who she is.

She shares her story, from an unhappy childhood, a mostly miserable first three decades of adulthood, to living a life of love, happiness, kindness and adventures.

 Vie has been teaching self esteem and confidence workshops for several years, having taught herself, using her work and academic experience, how to feel good about who she is; in the book, she will share with you what she has learned, and give you guidance on living a happier, kinder, and more fulfilled life.

As with the children’s book, there will be options for you to buy the book for yourself and to donate the book to domestic abuse refuges, rape crisis charities, and other organisations.

All of your support enables Vie to continue teaching self esteem and confidence workshops, through her Community Interest Company, VieNess Discover You Love You CIC, to children, young people, and vulnerable women, in schools, and educational, youth, community, and women’s groups.

Your support is very much appreciated.

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