Best European Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms in Europe in 2020

by crypto journalist

The last platform I wanted to mention here is Bulkestate. It proposes to invest in high-quality property development loans, usually in Latvia. Compared to other platforms, the returns are really strong at around 14%. You can also invest from just 50 Euros, which is one of the lowest minimum amounts of similar platforms.

 also has a unique feature compared to other platforms, which is the possibility of group-buying appartments. As they propose apartments in bulk, the prices are lower than if you went yourself to buy a similar apartment. This is an interesting opportunity if you have a larger capital to invest, as you can easily diversify in several apartments that you are buying with a nice discount. 

They also have a very strict due diligence process to select which deals end up on the platform and have the possibility to step in on some projects if something doesn’t go as planned, meaning more safety for the investors. Overall, Bulkestate is really a platform I recommend having in any real estate crowdfunding portfolio.

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