Fund raising for an all terrain wheelchair – a Personal Causes crowdfunding project in Penryn by Helena Truen

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On 30.05.2018 our world was turned upside down.
Alexandra was on her way home from visiting her 2 horses when her car was hit by a coach travelling in the opposite direction.
She sustained a fractured jaw and 4 broken ribs alongside a serious head injury, this caused a traumatic brain injury for her . Alexandra was taken to Treliske by ambulance and then rushed to ICU in Derriford where they quickly realised the extent of her injuries. She spent 5 weeks in a coma fighting for her life.
Once she was stabilised she was transferred back to Treliske but she needed more specilaist care and In July Alexandra was admitted to the Plym Neuro Rehab Unit in Plymouth to start intense rehabilitation. She has received the most amazing therapy by the wonderful staff at Plym.
With Alexandra’s strength and determination, she has already defied all odds and continues to make progress. Alexandra will leave Plym in the next few weeks to come home to live with her family and to continue her ongoing recovery. Alexandra now requires 24 hour care. We are currently saving up for an All Terrain Wheelchair because when Alexandra comes home we want her to be able to have the chance to do all the things that she loves the most…. spending time on the beach or in the woods with her dog Doug and also going to the field to visit her 2 gorgeous horses. We feel that being able to do the things that she loves so much will have a massive positive impact on her continuing recovery.
Before the accident, Alexandra worked full time as a Finance Assistant and lived with her partner in their own home that they had bought the previous year. We want to do everything we can to give her the best possible chance of a full recovery and live independently again

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