The Brian Epstein Statue Project – a Arts crowdfunding project in Liverpool by The Brian Epstein Statue Project

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There are over 70 statues of The Beatles around the world, but none of their iconic manager, without whom the band would never have made such a phenomenal and ongoing impact. We aim to rectify that. So our vision is to realise a world first: a statue of Brian, The Fifth Beatle, and one of the world’s great creative individuals.

Brian united the world in the most powerfully sustaining way, not just through The Fab 4, but through his nurturing of the wider music scene in Liverpool at the time. Artists such as Gerry and the Pacemakers, Cilla Black, Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas, The Moody Blues and The Chants were all part of his roster of incredible talent. 

He gave pride to his community and his impact on the world is overwhelmingly positive. Yet his beautiful smiling face is unknown to so many around the world – this is why he needs a statue. His legacy is also largely unseen, even though his impact on popular culture is incalculable. As Andrew Lancel says in our campaign video, Brian had a hand in changing the world. This is why he needs this memorial. He needs to stay amongst us. 

What the finished statue will look like…

Also our featured reward: a strictly limited edition 18″ coldcast bronze resin maquette, created exclusively for this campaign (one of only 9).

The Team 

The team behind the project has a wealth of collective experience in the fields of public art, publishing, theatre production and the local Beatles industry. All of us are united in our desire to see this project happen. We are also the team that produced the celebrated Beatles statue on the Liverpool Waterfront, so you’re in safe hands… 

The 2019 Committee. From left: Larry Sidorczuk, Julie Roach, Marie Darwin, Tommy Calderbank, Kevin Roach, Bill Elms.

Sculptor Andy Edwards working on the limited edition bust live during Beatleweek 2019.

The Rewards 

With your help, we will raise the money we need, not just to make the statue, but to reach our exciting stretch targets. 

Check out our list of fantastic, exclusive rewards, including:

Written exclusively for raising funds for the statue campaign, this impeccably researched book takes the reader behind the scenes at a pivotal moment in Brian and the Beatles’ story. (100 available).

‘The Vision’ – Like Brian himself, this beautiful work is a one-off. ‘The Vision’ comprises 18″ coldcast bronze resin maquettes of The Fab Five! Beautifully mounted for display, signed and authenticated by artist Andy Edwards. This incredible reward is sure to be of interest to Beatles fans worldwide. 


Furthermore, you can be directly involved in the statue’s creation. 

Our artist, Andy Edwards, will create the work LIVE. 

Fans and supporters will have the chance to add clay yourselves (either in person or in name, if you can’t make it). It will be a truly collaborative work. By the people, for the people. 

Please pledge on our Crowdfunder today and together we will make it TIME FOR BRIAN.

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