May’s Nose to the March – a Politics crowdfunding project in London by Proms EU Flag Team

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The nose float was part of the Dusseldorf Carnival. The floats are normally destroyed after the Rose Monday procession but we have been in contact with Jacques Tilly the artist and he is kindly going to donate it to the March. Now if we are to get it over for the march we need to raise some funds. The transport costs for this are high due to its size it is 2.8m tall which means it won’t fit into a regular lorry. 

Two other Jacques Tilly floats have been brought over to to the UK to provide visual highlights at Anti-Brexit demonstrations:

The Gun float appeared in the 2017 Düsseldorf Carnival and was memorably seen by Theresa May when it was parked up outside the Oneshow. She was forced to drive right past it. It also made an appearance at many other events. Unfortunately, this float hasn’t survived.

The Brexit Monstrosity float was commissioned for the March on the Conservative Party conference (Oct 2017). It has been all over the UK including a visit to the Nissan Factory in Sunderland. The float is still going and will be seen in the run-up to the March.

Jacques Tilly ( has been making satirical political sculptures for the Dusseldorf Carnival for 35 years. Each year he produces 8-10 floats which take part in the Rose Monday Carnival procession through the streets. Most are focussed on European political figures as well as world leaders such as Trump and Putin. They are made of wooden frames covered in chicken wire and plaster and then painted. Each year most of the floats are destroyed within days having served their purpose. This year Jacques Tilly has been awarded the prestigious Heinrich-Heine prize by the Düsseldorf Heinrich-Heine-Association for his works. In 2017 he was honoured by Amnesty International with the Yellow Shirt of Human Rights.

Let’s get this 3rd float over!

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