Save Our Charity! – a Charities crowdfunding project in Capel Dewi by William Jakeman

by crypto journalist

Here at Great Dane Care we dedicate our lives to rescuing, re homing and rehabilitating the Great Dane Breed that we love.

We rescue and re homed dogs all over Wales, England and even Scotland and have been doing this for 23 years.

We never turn away a Great Dane in need!

We are always on hand to help 365 days of the year

All of our dogs are Neutered, vaccinated, flead and wormed before heading to their new forever homes.

We Home check all new prospected homes to ensure the home is suited for the dog in question.

A lot of Great Danes that join us unfortunately haven’t had a good start to their lives whether that be neglect, abuse or mistreatment so we have a dog behaviorist and very knowledgeable people on hand to rehabilitate these dogs to better their lives to live long and happy for the rest of their days.

In essence we do all we can for this beloved breed but we can only carry on with the help from our supporters as we are not funded in any way and rely solely on donations.

Like many animal charities we have been hit hard by the pandemic with a lot of our funding raised by dog shows and public events, which were all cancelled due to the lockdowns caused by Covid-19.

One of our main incomes came from a local college that paid us generously so that young animal care students could come to our rescue and get on hand experience with large breed dogs and how to care for them which was great for these young people who then moved on to jobs in kennels and veterinary.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, the college no longer visits us so we have lost out on that valuable income.

To put it bluntly we have more money going out then we have coming in. Our funds are slowly diminishing and very soon we will be unable to carry on the essential work we do.

Which is why we are asking for your help.

We could do many small fundraisers to help raise money for certain dogs but without the basic fundamentals, we wont be able to help any more dogs. What would happen to these dogs if we weren’t around? We don’t like to think about it and we hope you don’t either. So please help us!

If everyone who we have helped in the past 23 years of running donated £1 we would be set for a long time! So please, any donation you can make will truly make a difference. We hate to ask so much of our valued supporters but we really do need your help to save our charity.

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