BACKFIRE! SUSAN COLLINS Says ‘Bribe’ From Crowdfunding Is Trying To Get Her To Oppose Kavanaugh *

by crypto journalist

Maine Senator Susan Collins claims she is not swayed by  what she calls a ‘bribe’ from crowdfunding aimed at encouraging her to oppose Judge Kavanaugh for SCOTUS:

“I consider this quid pro quo fundraising to be the equivalent of an attempt to bribe me to vote against Judge Kavanaugh.”

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The Democrats have pulled out all the stops to postpone or stop the Kavanaugh vote. Two groups from Maine have pledged to donate up to $1.3 million to Collins’s next opponent if the Maine senator votes to confirm Kavanaugh.

The Democrats also sent her 3,000 coat hangers!

She probably wasn’t expecting this to arrive in her mailbox, but centrist Senator Susan Collins, a Republican representing Maine, surely got the delivery of a lifetime when she was mailed about 3,000 coat hangers from activists who are trying to sway her vote against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

The coat hangers are suggested to represent illegal back-alley abortions and likely come from feminist activists or women who believe Kavanaugh will magically whisp away women’s rights the moment he takes office. That’s not likely to happen, of course, but there’s often very little chance of explaining the truth to people who are far-left thinkers bent on destroying every nominee Trump picks and every decision he makes.

Some people might wonder that if someone else was president and chose Kavanaugh to be nominated for the Supreme Court, would the hardcore leftists still be acting like this? Or would they be more accepting? Has Trump brought out the worst of the left with every move he makes? That’s certainly worth consideration.

Other activists, or those simply disinterested in Kavanaugh, are using television ads to gain the centrist senator’s support and offering to help fund her opponent’s campaign if she votes for Kavanaugh to get in. That puts Sen. Collins in a rough position because she’s forced to do what’s right but might give her future opponent some leverage if the people buying the television ads actually do fund her opponent. On the contrary, her vote for Kavanaugh could gain the support of President Trump and that might be all she needs to victorious in her own election in 2020.

It’s obvious that Collins is a swing vote and people are begging for her attention, even threatening to pledge money against her in the future. Sending her 3,000 hangars was probably a bad move because if she finds that repulsive and childish, then she will likely make up her mind and go with Kavanaugh even faster.

However, she has also said “she wouldn’t vote to confirm a nominee who was hostile to Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that legalized abortions.

She said Kavanaugh during a meeting told her he considered the case to be established precedent. However, critics are concerned about a recently revealed email from 2003, from when Kavanaugh worked in the Bush administration, in which Kavanaugh said the Supreme Court “can always overrule its precedent.”

A Collins spokeswoman told the AP the email didn’t change the senator’s mind about what Kavanaugh had told her.

“I always wait until after the hearings are complete before making a decision, and I’ll do so in this case as well,” Collins, who has never voted against a Supreme Court nominee, told The Associated Press in an interview.”

With that said, she becomes an even bigger swing vote. She has strong convictions about Roe V. Wade, but she has also not ever voted against a SCOTUS nominee.

Perhaps people vying for her attention should do it in a more classy way instead of threatening her with hangers and television commercials.

Hopefully, she already has her mind made up and helps confirm Kavanaugh.

Senator Susan Collins would really be called a Democrat in most other states. She’s a middle-of-the-road voter in the Senate who doesn’t tow the party line 100% of the time. She certainly won’t be swayed by a ‘bribe’ from Maine progressives who are trying to persuade her to vote against Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court:

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