Help rebuild BCfm’s studio after devastating fire – a Personal Causes crowdfunding project in Bristol by BCfm_Radio

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As many of you know BCfm’s main broadcast studio was destroyed in a fire which broke out while our presenter was live “on air” on Thursday 8th August. We have lost pretty much everything in there including our decks computers, mixers, monitors, soundproofing and some stuff we just can’t put a price on.

We have managed to get back on air temporarily with a music loop & announcements, thanks to the skills of our talented  team, but it is going to be a while before we’re able to broadcast properly with an accessible  studio for our volunteer presenters.

BCfm is Bristol’s first community radio station. We’ve been broadcasting to the city of Bristol for 12 years, providing a much needed voice for communities and individuals who feel they are often ignored or let down by mainstream media. We have a dedicated news team, popular breakfast programme and over 70 shows covering music, news, culture and issues affecting communities in Bristol and all over the world. 

We’re a registered charity with about 200 volunteers, including our CEO and Station Manager, Pat. We have no core funding, which means we make only small amounts of money from stuff like on-air adverts to cover all of our costs, so in no way do we have enough saved up to rebuild a whole studio!

We do have insurance, but at the moment we don’t know what that will cover. The estimated cost of the damage from this fire is going to run past the £15,000 mark and obviously right now we have nowhere suitable to broadcast our diverse range of programmes  from.

Many of you have suggested that a crowdfunder could help and that you’d be willing to donate, so we’ve set up this page.

We will use any money raised to buy equipment that the insurance doesn’t cover and pay for labour costs to rebuild some sort of studio as soon as possible. Any excess not used for the studio rebuild will go towards our general funds that help to run the station that trains hundreds of volunteers each year. We’re sure if you’re a regular listener to BCfm that you’ll understand what we do.

We are OVERWHELMED by the messages of supported from our community and beyond. It’s really lifted our spirits after such a sad day. Any donations are welcome and if you can’t donate, please just share this petition and/or join the BCfm radio Facebook page and send our presenters a message of support.

Thank you Bristol! x

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