New Israel Folau crowdfunding skyrockets

by crypto journalist

Israel Folau’s new fundraising campaign has raised more money in 14 hours than his canned GoFundMe page did over the course of four days.

Last week Folau started a GoFundMe page with a $3-million goal, asking for public donations to help him with a legal fight against Rugby Australia while arguing the body dismissed him unlawfully. He raised $672,640 in four days.

On Monday GoFundMe Australia shut down the page and returned the funds to the benefactors, saying that Folau breached the organisation’s terms and conditions.

A new crowdfunding campaign, facilitated by the Australian Christian Lobby in aid of Folau’s legal battle with RA, was launched on Tuesday and in the space of 14 hours since the page has been live the cash figure from donors edged past $1,055,733.69, which is substantially more than what the 30-year-old accumulated through his GoFundMe page.

Legal experts have expressed their bewilderment at why Folau, a multimillionaire in own right, is aiming for $3 million in donations when his fees won’t come close to that figure.

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