Creating a new Sound Lounge! – a Music crowdfunding project in Sutton by The Sound Lounge

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What we want to create: An open plan space with a big stage, professional lighting and PA. An exhibition wall. A green (backstage) room for artists. A commercial kitchen offering a wonderful plant-based menu. A ‘theatre of food’ space for kitchen demos & workshops. Facilities for family workshops, Friendship Coffees for anyone suffering from social isolation, Youth sessions for young people interested in music, AQA accredited barista and sound training for people suffering from disadvantage, an ‘Arts For All’ fund so that individuals & families on low-income can access exhibitions and gigs (not just at the Sound Lounge), community kitchen for homeless or those suffering food poverty, apprenticeship schemes & volunteering opportunities; an inclusive café, restaurant, arts space for all people, of all ages, at all times.
The Sound Lounge started off as a small project in a conservatory in South London. Since then it has popped up in several different spaces offering music, community and winning awards along the way, and with always with one aim: to bring the best quality roots music to a community, and to make that music as accessible as possible so that everyone benefits.
Now we have been given the opportunity to take on a long-term lease in the London borough of Sutton! And we know exactly how to turn it in to an amazing world full of art, music and culture.
If we can raise £15,000 through this crowdfunder, we will have proven that there are enough people who want this kind of facility around them so that we can approach grant funders etc for the rest of the money needed. With £15,000 we can secure the space, pay all the necessary fees, and create a very basic music venue. If we can exceed that target, we can do even more to transform it.
In 2017 when we were based in Tooting, we hosted:
* 164 live music shows for over 250 different artists & bands from UK & internationally
* 49 free family workshops (for over 1000 people in total)
* 24 charity events
* 11 art exhibitions
* ran training for refugee minors in barista training and sound engineering
* offered free ‘Friendship Coffees’ to people suffering from social isolation
* ran cabaret, comedy, talks, meet-ups & fashion events for the local community
“I decided to stay in the Tooting area specifically because of the rich community and musically excellent people that can be found here in the Sound Lounge” Megan
I have spent half of my life in Pakistan and the other half in Italy. And because of this sometimes I feel lost, sometimes it’s hard to identify myself. But despite that, Sound Lounge is the only place which feels like home. It’s difficult to explain, but somehow I feel safe here” Umar
“The Sound Lounge has influenced me to become a singer and pursue a career in the music industry. Without the Sound Lounge’s support, I would not be studying music at The Brit School today due to confidence issues and lack of faith in my music” Sheya
“You created such a memorable show for us.  The sound was literally the best I’ve ever had.  Thank you for bringing me an audience that really care about what I do.  Please let me come back again soon!” Arianna“It is one of the most, no, it’s the most inspiring venues I have ever been to for music artists…it’s without doubt the most important venue in the whole of London/UK. You cannot put a price on inspiration & creativity of such wonderful art. It is not just important for community of Tooting but humankind” Julian

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