Crowdfunding for Social Good

by crypto journalist

“I applied just a few lessons from the course for one of my clients and we raised $20,000 out of our $100,000 goal before even launching the campaign! Amazing!” 
(Anton, Fundraising Consultant)

“Using just some of what Devin taught, I was able to create an amazing event that raised about $7500 to build water storage systems for families in Kenya, Africa to teach self-reliance.”
(Heidi Totten, 100 Humanitarians)

“Devin has an outstanding command of the facts surrounding crowdfunding…”
(Kate Knight, United Way Metro Dallas)

Some people suggested I charge $5,000 for this course.

After all, non-profits can use this training to raise 20 times that price. And $5,000 is what I would charge for on-site training.

But I don’t charge $5,000. Why? My goal is to change the world. That means I need to help as many people and organizations as possible– as fast as possible.

Even though I could charge more than 25 times as much, I charge only $197 for my training that can help you raise up to 1,000 times as much.

Take your fundraising to the next level by learning how to:

  • – Calculate a realistic goal for your campaign (it’s probably higher than you think!)
  • – Raise 30% of your goal on the first day
  • – Use social media to push your campaign even further
  • – Write fundraising emails that actually raise money

… and a lot more! (See below for full curriculum)

Upon completion, you will be a certified nonprofit crowdfunding professional and will receive a certificate from the Your Mark on the World Center.

This course has been delivered as an in-person training all over the world. Check out what people have said about it:

“I appreciated your expertise, humor, down-to-earth approach, focus on helping [students] understand the basic concepts, and giving [them] the tools to be successful with their own crowdfunding efforts.

Chris Bray, CEO of the Utah Nonprofits Association

“The feedback we’ve received from the 200+ registered participants has been overwhelmingly positive. You demonstrated genuine expertise on a full range of crowdfunding issues while providing the perfect level of energy and good humor.”

Reed Chase, President, MountainWest Capital Network

“Crowdfunding for small nonprofits can be an overwhelming topic, but Devin’s knowledge of the subject made [it] very accessible.”

Storee Powell, Marketing Specialist, Utah Assistive Technology Program

Get Media Coverage of Your Campaign

My students get preferential treatment for having their crowdfunding campaigns covered on .

Media coverage tends to lead to more media coverage. For example, in January of 2017, I ran a tragic story on about a mother of quadruplets whose cancer returned while she was pregnant. Within a few weeks, her GoFundMe campaign went from less than $5,000 to more than $18,000. 

Then, a producer for Bill O’Reilly saw the story on Facebook and convinced him to talk about it on air. In 24 hours, the tally topped $1 million.

Will coverage on always lead to coverage on Fox News? Of course not. But you never know what it will lead to. Every story adds credibility that increases the probability of more coverage.

No results? I’ll give you your money back

I know what I teach works. So I’m ready to put my money where my mouth is.

If you complete the course, implement what you learned, and don’t get results, you can opt in for a full refund within 60 days.

Just send me an email showing that you did the work and I’ll issue a full refund.

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