MAXIMUS MEADOWS – HELP US BUILD OUR NEW CATTERY – a Community crowdfunding project in Essington by Stray Cat Rescue Team West Mids

by crypto journalist

Any extra will mean we can buy better equipment and more supplies for the cattery. 🙂 

Maximus Meadows. 

SCRT has grown bigger and faster than we could ever have hoped for, or dreamt of… With over 100 cats in our care and a team consisting of fosters, fundraisers, drivers, rehoming, social media, admin, vets, we feel it is now the right time to open a cattery which will enable us to have a centre to our name. This means we can take more cats in, we can allow people to visit the centre and they can see the work we do, we can have volunteers help us rehabilitate and rehome more cats in our care, and we can grow as a rescue. We have already got ourselves an extremely secure, safe piece of land to rent, and the owner is fully on board with what we plan to do. The cattery is a total of £6000 to supply and build. We need to lay a base first and also furnish the cattery,  so I reckon the goal is probably around the £7500 mark. We would also like to have around £2500 in the cattery account for things such as vet bills, food, meds etc to start the cattery off, which means we are looking at around 10k….We always said we would do something in Maximus’s memory, and here it is. A little bit of heaven for the future cats in our care. Please help us build the funds. We will also be able to have small fundraisers at the cattery. 

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