Local woman launches crowdfunding campaign to open a ‘Cat Café’ in Victoria

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(Photo by Ashley Deiter/Kickstarter)

Victoria may soon be joining the ranks of major cities like Vancouver, Montréal, New York, and Paris in getting its very own cat café!

Local resident Ashley Deiter has launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn her cat-hub dream – Mask and Mantle Cat Café – into reality.

In her own words, a Cat Café is a modern, unique type of foster home for cats that would otherwise be in a shelter environment.

Deiter, a self-proclaimed cat enthusiast, hopes to create a social gathering spot for fellow pet lovers to relax and unwind.

While you’re not allowed to bring your own feline friend with you, visitors can get their kitty fix by hanging out with several rescue cats on site – and maybe even take one home eventually!

Theme nights and kitty play time

According to her campaign description, Deiter plans to offer themed events with the fur-babies as well, including movie night, ‘crafts with cats’, cat yoga, and more.

Once she finds a property to house the business, the idea is to separate the food and beverage side of the café from the actual cat lounge in order to ensure compliance with Island Health codes and food safe standards.

“There will be a coffee shop portion with our food and drink menu as well as strategically placed observation windows. Those that wish to pay a small fee to take part in the magic will enter the ‘cat lounge’ separately through a special entrance,” reads the website.

The cat lounge section of the property will be turned into a veritable kitty wonderland, with cat trees, climbing shelves, kitty runways, cat hammocks, scratching posts, toys, and a private kitty retreat area in case they aren’t feeling too social.


Deiter and her team are currently on the lookout for the purrfect spot to open their business, but have been holding off on signing a lease until after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

They are looking to raise $7,500 to fund the initial opening and maintenance of Mask and Mantle, and as of the time of publication, have accumulated $1,222.

Since Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, any pledges will not be collected unless the total goal is met by 6:30 p.m. on October 8th.

Due to the resounding popularity of cat cafés around the world, the team expects to meet this goal with ease and expects to open for business in March 2020.

Click here if you would like to help fund Mask and Mantle Cat Café.

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