Save The Jazz Cafe – a Music crowdfunding project in London by The Jazz Cafe, Camden

by crypto journalist

For the first time in 30 years, we have shut our doors with no guarantee of reopening. Just like so many others, we are facing the biggest challenge in our history.

Sadly, without your help, there is now the very real prospect that The Jazz Cafe will not survive.

How has it come to this?

Since closing due to the pandemic, we’ve had absolutely no income. However, we still have outgoings, most significantly rent. Our overheads while we remain closed are £31,000 a month.

We have received no rent relief from our landlord and we do not qualify for a government grant.

Music venues will be one of the last things to return after the virus, and we expect to remain closed for some time, as we head closer and closer to bankruptcy.

How can you help?

We’re not asking for charitable donations. Instead, we’re inviting our community to buy Jazz Café experiences now, to be redeemed when we reopen. This will give us the cash flow we need to survive the next few months while we remain closed.

By purchasing one of the below options, however big or small; not only will you be helping The Jazz Cafe survive, you’ll be protecting the livelihood of hundreds of people. You’ll be ensuring our musicians, sound engineers, resident DJs, bar staff, chefs and security have jobs to come back to.

Somewhere on the horizon live music will return, but without your help, The Jazz Cafe may not be a part of it.

Buy now, use later

£ 5 – a pint or glass of wine for when you next come to the Jazz Cafe

£10 – a ticket to any club night of your choice

£ 25 – a ticket to any gig of your choice

£ 125 – 3 course meal for two people at a gig of your choice

£ 250 – 3 course meal for four people at a gig of your choice

£ 500 – entry to every gig at The Jazz Cafe in 2021 for you and a friend

£ 1000 – entry to every gig at The Jazz Café for you and a friend for the next five years and 5 VIP tickets for Maiden Voyage Festival 2021

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