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The owner of Huddersfield town centre nightclub, the Camel Club, says he fears for its future and is hoping fans will provide £50,000 in crowdfunding to keep it afloat.

Dave Biddle, 41, who bought the club 14 years ago, says he and his wife Louise have already put £100,000 of their savings so far into the club since the pandemic shut it down in March.

And although he hopes to reopen in April/May next year there are no guarantees.

Fortunately, 2019 was a very good year financially for the club and that has helped it survive thus far in addition to government grants as well as a compassionate landlord in Kirklees Council, who he says have been “absolutely brilliant”.

He says that he has now spent all his own money in keeping the club afloat and is looking at crowdfunding measures.

Camel Club owner 'Bongo' Dave Biddle (left) with 'Sleazy Steve'

He said: “Unsurprisingly a nightclub is about the worst place you could be during a pandemic and the worst possible business to own too.

“But we fully understand the reason for our doors having to stay closed.

“We have tried to ride out the storm and have used the various grants given, bounce back loans and spent nearly £100,000 of our business savings to keep the club alive.

“All our eggs are in this basket and I believe it is worth saving.

“Not only on a personal level and for all our staff and for the chain of suppliers and other business we support in the town centre when we are open.

“But for the people of Huddersfield and the students that come to this town each year.

“We are a vital part of the night time economy and have always prided ourselves on the fact people work hard all week and choose to come to us at the end of it to let their hair down and forget about their troubles for a few hours on the dance floor.

“We have prided ourselves on the diversity and inclusiveness Camel has been able to give the town.

“I absolutely love my job and being able to provide this service to people and I love what we have created.

“I’ve owned Camel Club for 14 years now and I am determined not to let this ship sink, so I am asking for your help to keep Camel Club alive.

“We are about to go live with a crowdfunding page as we have exhausted all of our options and have spent all of our own money before we asked anyone for help.

“We also wanted to make sure we knew how long we would be shut for (or at least have an idea) so we could properly crunch the numbers and see how long we could hibernate for.

“Unfortunately, with the new government help (which is a much-needed and appreciated boost) there is a shortfall and if we don’t act now then shortly after Christmas our pot will be dry and we will be owing money we just don’t have.

“So, if possible, I want to ask the people of Huddersfield to help save the town’s longest-running night club.

“We set our goal as £50,000 which would guarantee the club’s future we think.

“We have said that anything leftover from donated money would be given to the Forget Me Not Childrens Hospice which is a charity the club supports and to which we give money to throughout the year.

“We hadn’t cancelled our contributions to them as they need the money as much as anyone else.”

Anyone interested in helping the club survive should go to ‘ ‘ which goes live today at 5pm, and put Crowdfunder Camel Club Huddersfield into its search engine.

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