Documentary Film: Boris Johnson & Political Lying – a Film and Theatre crowdfunding project in London by MJB Individual Ltd.

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What is this crowdfunding project? 

A documentary film about lying in politics that has acquired exclusive information about Boris Johnson. This information will be exposed in the film, in partnership with a national newspaper.

We predict that Mr Johnson will be called upon to resign after the film comes out. It is highly sensitive information that took 14 months to uncover. 

Who’s making it?

Marcus J Ball and his team, who prosecuted Boris Johnson for lying in 2019.

How can I learn more?

Watch the video at the top of this page, and read the information below.

How can I help?

This film cannot be made without the funding required, fund the film! Thank you!

Information in Text Only Format:


The story of lying in politics and the fight to make it illegal

The £40-120,000

Crowdfund To complete

A documentary film like no other:

Marcus J ball criminally prosecuted Boris Johnson for lying to the public in 2019 and an investigation has since uncovered evidence that the case was sabotaged behind the scenes.

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Get your name in the end credits

Be a part of all of this:

1. Expose who sabotaged the prosecution case against Boris Johnson and how they did it.

2. Get the truth out so that the case against Boris Johnson can go back to court.

3. Discover the history of lying in politics, including the story of the ancient civilisation that killed politicians who lied to them.

4. Expose (exclusive) new evidence of the massacre of 2000 people that politicians have been lying about for 30 years.

5. Expose the most disgusting and manipulative lie Boris Johnson has ever used, for the first time (exclusive).

6. Sell the film to an international broadcast/VOD network (we have a distributor interested already) and contribute funds to Stop  Lying In Politics Ltd. (to get it out of debt and back in to court).

7. Start an international movement to make lying in politics illegal by showcasing the problem and its solution in this film. Get everyone talking about it.


Expose: The evidence that the 2019 prosecution case against Boris Johnson was sabotaged.

Expose: Exclusive new evidence of the massacre of over 2000 young people that politicians have been lying about and covering up for over thirty years.

When politicians lie, people die.

Let’s start a global movement to make it a criminal offence. Fund the film.

Expose: What Boris Johnson did in 2020 that he thinks he got away with. Reveal what he did and hold him to account (exclusive, 14 month investigation).

*Why do we need £40-120k funding?

Our biggest costs are archive footage (40k), staff & contractor costs (50k) (including Marcus as director and executive producer, a director of photography, an assistant producer, editors, graphic animators (etc.)).

We also need funds for a few remaining equipment costs (5k) we have most of what we need), funds to continue to rent our studio (15k) and pay the bills, and any miscellaneous expenses that may come up on the road to completion of this work (10k). (These are Informed estimates).

The minimum we need to complete the film in a rough format is £40,000. However, the quality of the film will be limited due to lack of archive footage, professional editing and post production improvements. For a full, cinema quality film we estimate that we need to raise £120,000.

Who will buy the film?

We are in early stage talks with a major film distributor ((Oscar and Bafta winning) who regularly work with major broadcast/VOD networks (Netflix, BBC, Amazon, etc.) . It’s still early days and nothing is signed but the distributor seems very interested. We have exclusive access, and exclusive information on a high stakes political and legal scandal story which can appeal to a global audience. This film can sell.

We have also had offers to introduce us directly to Major broadcast/VOD networks if the distributor route doesn’t work for us. On top of this, we’re teaming up with major national press on one (so far) of the exclusive stories in this film and they’ve agreed not to publish until just before our film is released. That’s a significant value add.

Why should we fund this film?

The story of lying in politics and the fight to make it illegal needs to be told. What could be more timely?

On top of this, the sabotage of the prosecution case against Boris Johnson must be exposed for all to see so that the case can be taken back to court. We are the only people who have the evidence, experience, and insight required to achieve this.

Other politicians around the world have been lying to us for too long. It’s time we responded against this problem as publicly as possible. We must expose their conduct for all to see, to spark a global movement against it.

Choose your rewards!

1: Receive film production progress updates straight to your inbox

2: Get your name in the end credits

3: Be a part of this vital work

Who is producing the film?

Marcus J Ball is the executive producer, he will be joined by an expert director of photography, Assistant Producer, Make up artist, editor and etc. (once funding is secured). The quick videos on this page have been fully filmed and produced by Marcus working alone (archive footage aside); the finished product will be a cinema quality film.

MJB Individual LTD. is the production company producing this film. MJB Individual Ltd. is not a social enterprise or a charity, it is a business. It Being a business has enabled Marcus to raise private investment of £20,000 so far. The plan is to use the business to produce and sell the film. Then, use the sale money to pay off the court debts of Stop Lying In Politics Ltd and create a more sustainable funding model for this work.

Once this has been achieved Stop lying In politics Ltd. will be able to go back to court.

Where will the sale money go?

Priorities include: getting Stop Lying IN Politics Ltd. and Marcus out of debt and back in to court. Setting up a more sustainable, long term, financial model. Growing the team and building more prosecution cases so that we can widen the impact of our work, etc.

Is this film guaranteed to be successful?

No. As with everything this ambitious and high risk nothing is guaranteed. But, we have reason to feel confident:

-Three exclusive stories

-An excellent, timely, in demand topic that global press want to cover

-Exclusive access to the people we need

-A major distributor already interested

-National press teaming up with us on one of the stories (so far)

-Our own film studio and 4k cinema quality filming equipment

-Industry experts advising us and joining our team (when we’re funded)

Who will be interviewed in the film?

We have expert lawyers, journalists, and historians signed up but we’re keeping our interviewee list private until the film is completed. This film is revealing some extremely sensitive information. Our people must be protected and confidentiality is a big part of that.

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