Save Heaven’s Gate Farm! – a Charities crowdfunding project in Henley by National Animal Welfare Trust

by crypto journalist

On Monday 2nd September employees, volunteers and supporters at National Animal Welfare Trust’s Heaven’s Gate Farm were made aware that the centre is at risk of closure.

As expected, the entire community has been devastated by this news, and the possibility that they could lose this much-loved and well-used facility. Kind messages of support and incredibly generous offers of help soon came flooding in following the announcement, and the team have been completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who are desperate to help.

With so many people showing such amazing determination to save our centre, we know we must at least try to raise the astronomical figure needed to keep Heaven’s Gate running. 

More than 400 homeless and abandoned animals in the area rely on the rescue and rehoming service offered at this centre every year, as do the hundreds of people who use it to responsibly relinquish or rehome an animal. On top of that, it is a visitor hub to many in the community who simply enjoy spending time with beautiful animals. The loss of the facility will be a devastating blow to so many.

Therefore, this page has been created as an ‘All or Nothing’ crowdfunder, which means that your pledge will only be paid to the charity if we reach our target, which is set at the figure we need to keep the centre open. If we don’t reach our target, your pledge will be returned to you.

The targets are based on the cost of running the centre, so our minimum target of £500,000 will keep Heaven’s Gate running for another six months, which gives us more time to try to develop a rescue package that can ensure the long-term future of the rescue centre, allowing it to continue to serve the community for many years to come.

We have an enormous mountain to climb, but this crowdfunder really could turn our fate around. We owe it to our animals, to our supporters, to our community and to every single one of our well-wishers to give this our all.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your unwavering support in these terribly upsetting times. It really does mean so much to everyone at Heaven’s Gate Farm. Thank you!

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