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New technology is forever being introduced to the world, usually with the intention of enhancing the quality of our lives – so, obviously, the next thing to get the go-ahead is the world’s first oral sex robot.

The machine is the world’s first oral sex simulator that is capable of using artificial intelligence to teach itself to improve its performance – again, of course it is.

“We spent the last three years listening to feedback from our 200,000 Autoblow 2 owners and in response built a new machine that mechanically better replicates the gliding and friction combination of the mouth and hand that men experience during oral sex,” explained the device’s inventor (and former lawyer) Brian Sloan.

Autoblow Is Ready To Go. Credit: VIECI
Autoblow Is Ready To Go. Credit: VIECI

He also claimed the device was ‘more human’ than any competitors on the market, including its own predecessor, a non-AI sex toy called the ‘Autoblow 2′.

He said: “By using artificial intelligence to, for the first time, understand the mechanics of blowjobs, we discovered and replicated techniques that make using our machine feel less robotic and more human.”

The actual Autoblow AI is very highly technical – containing intelligence similar to that found in a smartphone – it comes fully equipped with a ‘flesh-like’ sleeve and a ‘five-inch long stroking plane’ that is manipulated by infra-red sensors.

Along with the ‘more human’ aspects it also features ten different modes to enjoy – differing between ‘full stroke’ or ‘fast edge’.

Autoblow Is Ready To Go. Credit: VIECI
Autoblow Is Ready To Go. Credit: VIECI

If it sounds pretty appealing, bear in mind that a device like this does not come cheap – it’s expected to set back customers around $249 (£194).

And if that doesn’t put you off, this next bit might – for the Autoblow AI to work, it needs to be plugged into a socket. Just put that into perspective for a moment guys, you’re putting your favourite toy into a device that connect to a mains source of electricity. Hope that doesn’t come as a shock to you (all puns intended, sorry).

Although VIECI has reached its target five times over, the company doesn’t expect deliveries to arrive until May 2019, so probably not best to get your hopes up to have your mind – or anything else – blown by the Autoblow AI this Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: VEICI

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