Bitcoin 2021: Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Winklevoss twins key highlights

by crypto journalist

Thousands of bitcoin believers descended on Miami to party and preach the gospel of ‘HODL’

Elon Musk wasn’t physically in Miami but his presence was definitely felt. Right at the start of the conference, the price of bitcoin dropped following a tweet by the Tesla CEO that implied he was breaking up with the currency.

Max Keiser, a high-profile bitcoin holder, began his fireside chat by cursing Musk’s name, shouting, “F— Elon!” several times.

“You just look at the economics of it and ultimately miners have to make a profit and getting cheap renewable energy maximizes their potential for profit. It’s really that simple,” continued Dorsey. “I thought I had an agreement with some notable figures out there, and that seemed to change in a matter of weeks and now it’s in a weird kind of place.”

Michael Saylor, a high-profile crypto advocate and the CEO of MicroStrategy – a company that bought bitcoin for its balance sheet last year, before both Square and Tesla – took Dorsey’s comments one step further.

“It’s the highest value use of intermittent energy. It’s the highest value use of renewable energy. It’s the highest value use of wasted or stranded energy. And it’s just the highest value use of energy, period,” said Saylor.

NFL player and bitcoin fan Russell Okung launched a billboard campaign Friday with the tagline “Stick to space, Elon,” a reference to the fact that Musk should stay in his lane, and leave crypto opining to those in the industry.

Most conference attendees said they were ignoring his comments regardless. Many said they don’t think Musk, or anyone else – not even governments – can stop bitcoin. One person in the bathroom line called him a clown, referring to his promotion of a new, pornographically named cryptocurrency over the weekend.

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