Yellow Card – The best way to get started with bitcoin

by crypto journalist

Yellow Card focuses on making your investment in bitcoin simple, fast, and secure.

Investors are reaping massive value from their cryptocurrency investments.

If you’re interested in joining the bitcoin revolution, however, it can be an intimidating undertaking.

This is why Yellow Card exists – to make it easier for beginners to start their bitcoin journey.

It does this through its intuitive platform that cuts out anything confusing and streamlines the bitcoin investment process.

Simple platform

Yellow Card focuses on making your investment in bitcoin simple, fast, and secure.

Key to this is the fact that Yellow Card operates using a B2C model, rather than a P2P one.

This means you buy and sell your bitcoin to and from Yellow Card, rather than performing transactions with other investors.

Yellow Card is therefore almost like a bitcoin shop where you simply buy and sell your cryptocurrency from and to the vendor.

By cutting out the middleman, Yellow Card also saves you money.

Setting up your account

Yellow Card’s sign-up process is simple – follow these three easy steps:

You can also rest assured that Yellow Card places your data security at the top of its priority list.

It uses multi-signature wallets to secure your funds, and its distributed system is built from the ground up to place an emphasis on data security.

R50 Promotion

To get you started, Yellow Card is running an awesome promotion for BusinessTech readers.

When you sign up to Yellow Card for the first time, you can redeem R50 worth of bitcoin – absolutely free.

All you need to do is use the referral code BUSTECH when you sign up for the Yellow Card service.

This option becomes available when you download the Yellow Card app.

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