Cross eyed: Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce buys NYC church for $5M

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Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce — the child actor turned independent presidential candidate — is in talks to convert a former East Village church into a 21st-century rental residence.

He already owns an Amsterdam residence that, he tells Gimme, was once “an illegal Catholic church from 1746.” In Puerto Rico, Pierce is also transforming a historic, 17th-century former monastery turned boutique hotel into a private club.

Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, and having appeared in “The Mighty Ducks” films, Pierce tells Gimme that he bought the nine-bedroom San Juan mansion for $5 million last March, just before lockdown began.

“It’s the oldest monastery in the Americas, and it’s on the first road built by the Conquistadors, the Road of Christ. My neighbor is the Governor of Puerto Rico,” Pierce said.

At 12,149 square feet, the mansion — at 250 Calle De Cristo Road — comes with a 4,210-square-foot open terrace. “It’s more like a clubhouse than anything else, in an ancient monastery that became the grand lodge of the Freemasons of Puerto Rico. The ballroom was a Masonic temple.”

Pierce tells us his independent presidential run was “an exploratory mission to understand the mechanics of our political system.” He also calls it “basic training.”

The 12,149-square-foot former monastery on Calle De Cristo Road “feels more like a clubhouse,” according to Pierce.

Monasterio San Juan LLC

Monasterio San Juan LLC

Monasterio San Juan LLC

Monasterio San Juan LLC

Monasterio San Juan LLC

Running for president, he says, is “the ultimate arena, like entering the ring of fire.” Pierce says he loves to host visitors in the former monastery.

“The roof is my favorite spot, just above the Governor’s mansion, and the Masonic Temple/ballroom is also special. Everything here is special. Ask anyone who has ever slept here, it’s like you dream more vividly here than anywhere else in the world,” Pierce said.

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