50 Cent Earns Millions Selling Album For Bitcoin

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50 Cent Earns Millions Selling Album For Bitcoin FiddyWEBTHUMBGetty

We all like to say we invested in Bitcoin before it was cool, but one person actually did, and now he’s reaping the rewards.

The rapper became the first to accept bitcoin when he released the album Animal Ambition in 2014 as payment.

At the time bitcoin was valued at around $662.

TMZ sources say Animal Ambition pulled in around 700 bitcoin in sales, over $400k.

50 Cent Earns Millions Selling Album For Bitcoin 50 CENTABC

The money sat there untouched for years… until now.

Today, bitcoin’s value has risen to between $10k and $12k per coin.

That means Fiddy is sat on a cushy $7/8.5 million.

That being said the market isn’t looking too good at the time so he might wanna think long and hard about his newfound dough.

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The price of bitcoin, which is widely believed to be the strongest and most stable of all the made-up measurements of money, has dropped below $12,000.

Just days ago, bitcoin was a burgeoning pot of gold as tangible as the leprechauns who wait at the end of the rainbow, rising towards a $20,000 value per coin.

But last week it fell more than 10 per cent, meaning its total drop in the past month equates to about 40 per cent.

The drop came amid suggestions from South Korean officials who want to look at imposing new regulations on the currency.

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Finance minister Kim Dong-yeon said the country might ban trading in the currencies entirely, pending a government review.

The government has said that the plans are only a suggestion and that more talks are needed, reports . But another government minister said that trading could be banned last week, triggering another instant sell-off, and the plans have already led 200,000 people to petition the government asking to keep bitcoin trading legal.

Still, supporters of bitcoin will be happy to note the currency has risen more than 1,300 per cent over the course of the year, amid much online hype.

50 Cent Earns Millions Selling Album For Bitcoin bitcoin ban webGetty/pixabay

Economics experts Neil Gandal, Tyler Moore, JT Hamrick and Tali Oberman have set out to discover what and who exactly is in control of the bitcoin ecosystem determining its price.

Although it’s long been rumoured bitcoin markets are manipulated by only one or two big players, their research paper entitled, Price Manipulation in the Bitcoin Ecosystem has confirmed this theory.

Published in the most recent issue of the Journal of Monetary Economics, the paper states it’s likely one person drove the US dollars to bitcoin exchange rate from being $150 to $1,000 in the space of only two months.

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