‘Get married on the blockchain if your country won’t let you’, says Björn Borg campaign

by crypto journalist

The thinking behind the initiative is that marriage today is controlled by governments and religions – which means same-sex marriages are prohibited in 87% of all countries in the world. 

As a marriage is essentially a record of the union of two human beings backed by a registration, Björn Borg has wielded blockchain’s ability to preserve a record of events without the need for a third party to devastating effect.

Marriage Unblocked is a digital platform built by Superblocks where anyone can propose, exchange vows and get married on blockchain. They can choose to keep the record anonymous or show a certificate proudly in public. 

The initiative ties into Björn Borg’s long-running brand promise “Love for All” asserting that sport is love and love is equal. Therefore, the first basic human right is to love whomever you want.

The idea is the brainchild of Tove Anderson, founder of blockchain diversity initiative Kryptogäris and an art director for DDB Nord. Creatives for the campaign were handled by DDB Nord under the direction of chief creative officer, Andreas Dahlqvist.

The first couple to get married on Marriage Unblocked was Sybille and Alexandra (last names withheld) from Switzerland, a country where same-sex marriages are not recognised by law.

“We’ve been planning on getting married for a while now but since it’s not legal in our home country, we don’t know if or when that will ever happen. But now we are married, and it feels fantastic. We also hope our blockchain marriage pushes societies to recognize a basic human right – marriage equality,” Sybille and Alexandra said in a joint statement. 

The newlywed couple is featured in the campaign promoting Marriage Unblocked (see video above) which was created in-house by the brand. 

In support of the cause, Björn Borg said it will be “hijacking” the opening game of the World Cup between Saudi Arabia and Russia – two countries where same-sex marriages are not possible – this Thursday (14 June) to make a statement that everyone has a right to be who they are and to love whoever they want.

It plans to do this by releasing an augmented reality filter through MarriageUnblocked.com which will allow users superimpose the image of a gay couple over football footage. One of the men in the scene will be wearing a Russian flag on his shoulder and the other will have Saudi Arabia’s with the banner “love will win tonight”.

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