War Of Crypto — Epic Blockchain Game Powered by Enjin Coin

by crypto journalist

Gamers will be able to level-up, customise, and battle ENJ-powered crypto-heroes — and buy and sell them for Enjin Coin.

Enjin Coin’s platform will be used tocreate in-game virtual assets — but will also function as the in-game currency used to purchase gems in the in-game store and heroes on the marketplace.

Enjin CTO Witek Radomski announced War of Crypto today, during his talk at the in San Francisco, where he introduced Enjin Coin to hundreds of blockchain game developers.

War of Crypto — Using the Full Potential of ENJ

Built for the web, with the mobile version following after the initial launch, War of Crypto is Made with Unity game development platform. The game will utilise never-before-seen, incredible battle mechanics — and will be a full-blown 3D game.

Take a quick look — and play around with War of Crypto 3D concept models on ArtStation.

War of Crypto will utilise the Enjin Coin ecosystem to its full potential — employing the Enjin Unity SDK, Enjin Network, Enjin Wallet & EnjinX to power and grow their groundbreaking blockchain-based game.

Our team is working closely with Lucille Games, helping them to integrate ENJ with their game, and take full advantage of our powerful Unity SDK.

We’ll also help Lucille Games to spread the word about their game — with a massive promotion of the War of Crypto on our 19 million users strong .

Gamers will be able to see, store and trade their War of Crypto heroes in the — which will get two massive, game-changing updates in the following weeks.

Feel free to play around with this interactive mockup.

EnjinX, our web-based, universal blockchain explorer, will power the data behind the game, as well as the War of Crypto game marketplace.

EnjinX features a REST API for developers to access any blockchain data from any of our supported cryptocurrencies — ENJ, ETH, BTC, LTC and all ERC-20 tokens.

Join the Enjin Developer Partnership Program

Ever since our amazing success at GDC 2018, we’ve been talking to hundreds of developers all over the world — both online and offline on game industry events like Unity Unite in Seoul and Beijing.

We’ll be launching our new website soon — complete with a a badass Developer Portal that features a Knowledge Base, Developer Forum and a Support System.

Everything you need to build blockchain games & marketplaces, network and collaborate with other developers and learn about ENJ-powered blockchain game design best will be in one place — which will also enable you to apply for our Developer Partnership Program.

Whether you’re a lone-wolf developer, a small team or a large studio — you’ll be able to pitch us your ideas and demos.

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