ShipChain Raises $30 Million To Build Decentralized Blockchain Based Freight And Logistics Platform

by crypto journalist

The amount of money raised through initial coin offerings in 2017 reached over $3.6 Billion which was more than all early-stage venture capital fundraising last year. That is no small accomplishment or amount of money and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Initial coin offerings are here to stay and they are raising billions of dollars in the process. Not only do these offerings give founders an opportunity to fund their projects and businesses, they open an opportunity for more people to get into the early stages of businesses, not just the big venture capital funds or institutional investors.

One of the hottest blockchain startups of 2018 is without a doubt, ShipChain. A platform that already has a beta product completed that has assembled an A-list core group of some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and logistics personnel on the planet.

ShipChain has achieved something that not many blockchain projects have before, selling out the presale and main sale in the same week.

“The outpouring of support from the logistics industry at large to utilize better technologies to improve the industry has been amazing,”according to CEO John Monarch,“the industry knows it’s time to press forward and really utilize blockchain to positively impact everyone involved.”

The Opportunities That Exist Within The Industry

When you look at it from an outsider’s perspective Flexport which happens to be a 5-year old startup has building a web application for the industry without implementing blockchain technology. This industry is ripe for disruption and companies like ShipChain and Flexport are on the cutting edge of it.

The global shipping and logistics industry has so many holes and ShipChain plans to fill them. Many parties within the industry still use pen and paper to log shipments from point A to point B with theft and loss of packages or shipments happening at a frantic pace.

over $50 Billion of cargo goes missing every year in the industry. This is a lot of missing items worth a lot of money. One of the major problems that ShipChain plans to solve with its all-in-one track and trace platform where users will be able to see their shipment along the entire supply chain all the way from Point A to Point B.

The Secret Ingredient to Any Successful Business

What makes ShipChain and their solution even more appealing and exciting is the team they’ve assembled to disrupt a trillion dollar industry. The team is literally an A+ team led by CEO John Monarch, CMO Brian D. Evans, CRO Sami Rusani and complemented by industry titans like former Shark Tank Investor Kevin Harrington, former CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Roger Crook, and Influencive’s own COO Clinton Senkow.

Now that ShipChain has the team and funds to disrupt a trillion dollar industry this is a company that I wouldn’t necessarily sleep on.

Just think about how basically every product beside you right now or the device you are reading this very article on has been manufactured, shipped, and put in transport at one point. That means there is a massive opportunity out there to provide a platform that allows for transparency and security along the entire supply chain.

Through ShipChain’s solution, they are providing an attractive reason for us all to jump aboard the ship.

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