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If you had a whole bunch of money sitting around that you had made yourself and you were 19 years old, then what would you spend it on?

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I can’t really think of much cooler things than what Erik Finman decided to do with his fortune as he’s used his millions on Bitcoin to build a huge working Dr Octopus Suit. Whilst you think that this might sound a bit self indulgent and that he’s actually going to become some kind of dickhead super villain with it, this isn’t actually the case, as he’s actually built it to help a 10 year old kid with hyper mobility issues named Aristou Meehan.

Unfortunately, the suit isn’t ready for mass production yet and is more like a concept car, but it does look pretty impressive. The arms are controlled via rear-mounted microcontrollers and eight motors which power the thing; driving its arms and allowing it to lift objects. The user controls the arms using the two middle fingers on each hand which are fitted into a glove that allows all four arms to be controlled by a micro control axis.

Pretty neat right! Here’s what Finman had to say about it as well as a video about it too:

He came up with this idea — because he’s a huge comic book fan, a huge Spider-Man fan — of having his own Doctor Octopus suit.

He said that would solve my problems.

I thought that was such a smart idea and sweet.

For me, it would have been so great if someone had helped me at that age. So I felt like a kindred spirit in a lot of ways.

Right now, it’s like a concept car.

But I’ve been talking with a lot of people who are interested in doing more with it.

I mean that’s pretty rad although it’s kinda worrying that there could be a whole bunch super villains running around trying to take over the world or whatever if these guys keep developing ridiculous technology like this. Hopefully it’ll just be used to help people, but we’ve all seen Spiderman and know how this kind of stuff can turn out. Let’s hope this guy uses it for the right reasons.

For more of the same, check out this octopus grab a seagull from behind and drown it. Terrifying.

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