Ethereum 2.0’s Genesis Day Is Officially Set for Dec. 1 – CoinDesk

by crypto journalist

“I would say we are comfortably half-way through the overall effort to make Eth 2 feature complete,” Drake told CoinDesk over direct message. “The research (which lasted years!) is largely done and the phase 0 genesis is definitely a significant implementation milestone. Phase 0 lays the heavy-duty foundations (signatures, Merkleisation, networking, Eth 1 deposits, randomness, PoS, etc.). Many of the upcoming hard forks will layer relatively thin infrastructure on top of these foundations.”

As for the rest of the bootstrapping phases, Drake said the second to last one — the full merging of Ethereum 1.0’s blockchain and ecosystem of tokens and applications into Ethereum 2.0 — will require “significant engineering and [will be] very coordination heavy.”

When asked for a rough date for Ethereum 2.0’s launch, Drake told CoinDesk that he has been, at times, “both too optimistic and too pessimistic,” so his target should be taken with “a huge grain of salt.” That said, Drake anticipates that Ethereum 2.0 could be “feature ready” by mid 2023.

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