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In addition to WEEDC and WEtech, also partnering with OneLedger are the Ontario Centres for Excellence, the Autonomous Vehicle Integration Network (AVIN) and the Institute for Border Logistics and Security (IBLS).

“Windsor is an AVIN site with a focus on cyber and cross border security,” Campbell said. “They were looking for support and guidance.

“We’ve got the busiest border crossing and WEEDC and WEtech have partnerships on both sides of the border, so Windsor was the best place to test this.”

Campbell said government agencies are particularly interested in anything that involves opening up the border safely.

Discussions are already ongoing with the partners at the bi-national Future Borders Coalition, which studies ways of improving efficiency and security at the border.

There are also plans to reach out to the Henry Ford Healthcare system and the World Economic Forum on the project.

“We have seen plenty of applications released during COVID19 for tracking and tracing, all of which are reactive trying to detect who a person came in contact with after they already contracted COVID,” said Aly Kassam, Director of Product at OneLedger.

“None of these help reopen the economy, none of them have a proactive approach and that’s what we are trying to solve. We are trying to get back to a new normal.”

Canadian Association of Mold Makers chair Mike Bilton feels innovations such as a health passport will be a permanent new reality.

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