Vuulr: Creating a New Broadcast Content Economy on the Blockchain

by crypto journalist

Media providers live and die by the quality of the content they offer to the viewer, rather than the quantity. Either traditional channels or streaming services need to entice customers to sign up (or stay) by including must-watch movies, series, sporting events, etc., in their programming.

$240 billion per year is spent by Broadcasters and OTTs on acquiring Film, TV, Sports, and eSports content, but around 40% of that value can be lost to the cost and friction of the transaction. The entire industry is unwieldy and disjointed.

Vuulr changes that paradigm.

What Is Vuulr?

Vuulr’s vision is to create a new global broadcast content economy; bringing content buyers, sellers, creators and brands together in a vibrant, integrated ecosystem; democratizing access and enabling innovative new business models for the future. Using the Blockchain, Vuulr’s end-to-end solution will revolutionize Title Discovery, Acquisition, Sponsorship, Delivery, and Payment, enabling the industry to transact faster with reduced friction and eliminate wasteful manual rework.

This increased efficiency will allow the industry to recover significantly lost value. Broadcasters and OTTs will be able to bring better content to their audiences and a greater percentage of revenue will be available to the production industry for the creation of better content.

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— Vuulr (@Vuulr_Official) March 1, 2018

The Vuulr ICO: Quick facts

  • Token name – vuu
  • Total number of tokens issued – 1bn
  • Total number of tokens available for sale – 350m
  • Token price – $0.06
  • Hard cap – $18.5m
  • ICO Start & End dates – tbd

Token Allocation

See below graph.

Source: Vuulr

The Vuulr Marketplace: Connecting content creators with buyers via the blockchain

Man with a view. Our CEO Ian just finished meeting with one of Korea’s largest #entertainment powerhouse, CJ E&M. Korea is one of the fast-growing and vibrant #content producers globally. We are looking forward to work with the companies to bring their content to the world.

— Vuulr (@Vuulr_Official) March 6, 2018

The Vuulr digital marketplace will become a meeting point for content owners, buyers, and sponsors. Blockchain technology will speed up content acquisition, turning a slow and protracted process into an easy, cost-effective transaction.

The marketplace will provide functionality such as:

  • Content search and discovery
  • Screening and evaluation
  • Negotiation of Terms & Conditions
  • Payments

Check the Vuulr Whitepaper for a full description of Vuulr’s functionality.

We launched our #whitepaper! Download now at #blockchain#ICO#d10eSeoulSouthKorea

— Vuulr (@Vuulr_Official) March 5, 2018

How it works

Content creators and distributors will list their offering on the Vuulr platform. This content can be movies, TV shows, sporting events, or many other types of media.

An algorithm will match the buyer with the type of content they are seeking, creating an environment where everyone finds what they are looking for.

The Content & Sponsorship space is a USD$300 billion juggernaut & it needs help to modernise. Vuulr will bring about that change in a way never done before. Our COO, Ben Flint shares his journey. #sponsorship#disruption#blockchain#film#tv#marketplace

— Vuulr (@Vuulr_Official) December 26, 2017

Vuulr will use machine learning and recommendation engine technology to drive this interaction quickly. Once connected, providers and buyers can negotiate rights packages, etc.

According to the Vuulr website, the platform will enable a maximum time lapse of 24 hours between content discovery to delivery, driven by the Vuulr Supply Chain.

The Vuulr Supply Chain: Marketplace to provider, fast

One of the core ideas of the Vuulr platform is the creation of an effective supply chain through which content can flow from creator to viewer in as little time as possible, and with fewer associated costs.

The Vuulr Supply Chain is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and will include functionality such as:

  • Unique title identification
  • Title metadata
  • Rights Management

Consult the Vuulr Whitepaper for a full description of the Vuulr Supply Chain.

Vuulr’s value proposition includes the Metadata Refinery, which enables community members to monetize their existing knowledge of movies and TV shows, by managing and expand metadata (the small chunks of text that give an overview of a TV show episode or movie).

Currently, the acquisition and editing of metadata is rather fragmented and difficult to put together, requiring the work of Metadata Editors to do the job. Each network and media service employs their own team of editors, which often leads to redundant or duplicate information.

Users of the Vuulr can contribute to the expansion and refinement of existing metadata through the Refinery, a task that will be rewarded with vuu tokens. The more an user contributes, the more tokens they’ll receive, thus monetizing their knowledge of films and TV shows.

The VUU token

According to the Vuulr website, the VUU Token will be available to denominate and transact with on the Vuulr Platform.

In other words, vuu will be the internal currency used for all transactions across the platform.

The token will be used for:

  • Rewards program
  • Payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Supply Chain services

Consult the Vuulr Whitepaper for a comprehensive list of token services.


When #Blockchain meets #Entertainment. How Vuulr will help the #film & #tv#content retail to buy & sell more efficiently, faster and cheaper.

— Vuulr (@Vuulr_Official) January 25, 2018

Vuulr offers a novel and attractive proposition, turning the blockchain into a digital marketplace where content providers and broadcasters can meet and get a good deal.

The platform offers comprehensive services, with the added bonus of the Refinery, where users can edit and expand metadata, earning rewards through knowledge. This is quite a unique feature on the blockchain, so Vuulr stands in a pioneering position.


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