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It’s really a difficult task to embark on when trying to point out any activity on earth that has ever remained static, almost all events or activities taking place on earth toes the path of dynamism……hence we live in a world driven by dynamic processes. Some centuries ago, information and data were processed with analogue devices which make use of the natural waves in which these information and data are being propagated, over some few centuries ago till this present time, information and data processing has shifted from analogue form of processing to digital form of processing.The use of various digital devices have penetrated deep into so many activities of man here on planet earth to the extent that man’s existence on earth is to some great extent hinged on these digital devices……what a world we live in!!!During the cause of using digital devices, a substantial and enormous data concerning the users of these devices are being generated. These users’ data are generated through various services that run on these digital devices and these generated data form an integral part of the human value.These valuable data are usually used, transferred and shared by the centralized institutions that provide these digital services to even generate profit for themselves without compensating the actual users of their services who own and generate these data.Frankly speaking, this act of taking advantage of digital service users’ data that represent “human value” to enhance an entity’s financial fortunes without any form of compensation to the real owners of these data amounts to a high level of financially induced conspiracy theory to rob people of their rightful access to control and make financial fortunes out of their own data willingly provided to these centralized institutions.Human rights is a natural fundamental privilege that anyone on planet earth should be entitled to; freedom remains one of the important components and backbone of the human right specifications, it is a very non-disputable fact that one has freedom to vote and to be voted for, freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom to quality basic life amenities.People’s activities including businesses yield a very huge chunk of data, unfortunately most of the people who generate these data and rightful owners to the data too are being denied of their rightful ownership to the data hence denying them of their basic human right freedom to own, control and monetize their personal data. To worsen the situation, the freedom to control and use these data in question is being erroneously given to big organizations who provide the platform on which the activities and businesses that trigger these data generation are carried out……quite unfair and unfortunate as well!!Human values do not only come in form of people’s data; human labor, services and knowledge etc are important forms of human values. Unfortunately, these human values are being threatened by the spontaneous and rapid growth of automated and artificial intelligence based devices and technologies, automated and AI based devices are designed to operate and act like human beings i.e these devices could reason and make decisions like human beings based on the input data that are fed into these devices.The implication of the growth and popularization of these devices is that places and various fields of human endeavor where human labor and services where employed to execute jobs and tasks are now being taken over by these automated and AI based devices hence relegating the use of human labor, knowledge and services in carrying out these tasks to the back seat.Although the use of AI and automated devices should be and is already a blessing and advantage to mankind, it’s in a way rendering man’s human value and intellectual resources redundant, therefore there is the urgent need to find a solution that would help to mitigate these perceived negative effect of the use of these devices on the human race.It is crystal clear that the internet technology has come to permanently stay and become part of the world order, the internet technology has changed and influenced so many ways of doing things in the world, ranging from the way, manner and speed information including monetary activities is being shared and disseminated across the globe to the present scenario where millions of devices which were considered in the past of not being able to have internet connections can now be connected to the internet and also facilitating the intercommunication and interaction of these internet connected devices.With the present structure and operations of the internet, these information and communications between devices connected on the internet network are not safe from theft and unavoidable losses, also most of the data and information are in full control of powerful parties leaving the people’s data and information integrity at the mercy of the operators of these third party organizations. Therefore it is very pertinent to churn out a new order of operation of the internet technology whereby all activities and events that live on the internet network are open, transparent and secured to all parties that are stakeholders or users of the internet technology.


It is also an undisputable fact following the events in the present world that social, political and economic activities are greatly influenced by the generation, management and exchange of data (especially human data), the large power over the control and management of these data vested on powerful large third party organizations is the brain behind the dwindling fortunes and gradual extinction of human value.IOVO is a directed acyclic graph and blockchain network platform which seeks to create a new world data economic structure through various applications that could gather, store and secure data.IOVO provides a new order of data management whereby a user controls the level of access to his data to other users or any other third party, hence giving the owner of the data the opportunity to monetize his data resources by charging access fees to anybody that wishes to gain access or use his data. In order words, with IOVO data management platform in town, data access, monetization and benefits that were hitherto only in the hands of powerful third party organizations will now be rightfully and ethically transferred to the real people who generate and own these data.IOVO is a decentralized database system that gives power of data monetization to the real generators of the data and provides a global secured record of any kind of data-related knowledge and information synthesized from such knowledge.IOVO affords its users access to the following benefits – anonymity, data security/integrity, ownership, and monetization as well as access to data wallet.IOVO ensures data security to platforms feeding their Decentralized Applications on the IOVO platform and provides these DApps operators access to global database through its data wallet, helps the DApps operators attract more traffic to their networks, as well as providing fertile ground for these DApps owners to moneytize their data and safely secure their data too.Data analysts can leverage on the provisions of the powerful and comprehensive tools and solutions of the IOVO database to carry out their data analysis and inference activities.Using IOVO database affords analysts the opportunity of: access to big data, extensive data research and analysis as well as a secured data storage facility.Internet Of Value Omniledger (IOVO) returns the ownership of data generated by digital devices to the actual people who generate these data when using the services provided by some third party organizations, this paradigm shift in data ownership gives room for advancing human capital development and human value through the monetization of these data by its real owners; IOVO also enhances the structure of human empowerment, social and commercial utility.Having taken note on the inherent negative impact on human value by the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence and automated based devices, IOVO seeks to combine the AI/Automation technologies together with the provisions of the new version of the internet code named the “Internet Of Value” to serve and protect the exchange of valued human assets such as knowledge and time etc which in turn will serve as an avenue to protect, preserve and sustain human value which seems to be on the decline in recent times.IOVO fills in the gap created by the current version of the internet by providing a secured, transparent and open processes of undertaking all forms of activity over the internet – hence IOVO will serve as the leading platform and currency for the Internet Of Value of which will be based on total personal data control and management.


  1. IOVO team is developing an application known as the influnomy which enhances operations of the influence economy by making possible the exchange of personal assets asides money through the social media consumers behavioral influence.
  2. The IOVO DApp facilitates the insurance policy scoring system of an insurance company; based on the fact that IOVO represents a secured and open system of data collection, processing and storage, car insurance companies can take the advantage of the IOVO’s decentralized data management system to score users automotive history and behaviors in order to determine a future insurance policy package for its users.
  3. The IOVO DAG technology can be used to facilitate banks and financial institutions scoring system which will greatly aid these financial institutions to adjust their offer leading to a strong foundation for these institutions to operate in a secured complex and transactional processing infrastructure.
  4. IOVO DAG will also be relevant in the build up to information exchange that will influence consumers decision when it comes to the point of knowledge and skills acquisition; knowledge and skills acquisition platforms which will base their decisions and inferences on authentic scoring rations from various disciplines of life would find IOVO DAG very useful.
  5. As an omniledger blockchain and DAG technology, coupled with its super database management system, IOVO DApps can be used to score and access food supply quality as well as being used to monitor the distribution of these food supply to ensure that food processing/manufacturing and distribution standards are maintained to the latter.


  1. Proof of Value: The IOVO’s blockchain protocol makes a paradigm shift from the way and approach transactions are validated as obtained in other traditional blockchain networks like the bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency network.The bitcoin blockchain uses proof of work consensus algorithm to validate transactions on its chain which involves use of high end computing machines to confirm transactions and this approach consumes more power resources. IOVO modifies the proof of stake transaction validation algorithm to a more efficient proof of value consensus algorithm in order to validate data on its chain; this method of transaction confirmation does not require the use of powerful computing machines but it is based on the amount of the total value a node can boast of and which wins the node the right to validate a transaction.For more information on IOVO’s proof of value consensus algorithm, visit: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4509519.0
  2. IOVO functions as a large database for the collection of data from different fields of human endeavor via the collection of data from the various Decentralized Applications built on the IOVO data management blockchain based platform.This state of the art and rich database makes the work of research on different fields much easier because one needs not to toil and surf all around every single platform or website on the internet looking for research materials for different areas of work/study whereas such research materials can be easily gotten from a single and rich database platform such as IOVO without much ado. For more on IOVO database visit: https://www.iovo.io
  3. IOVO wallet: The wallet provides users access to the IOVO platform by allowing users access to any data they shared on any DApp that’s connected to the IOVO platform.The wallet also has a user friendly interface for storing users’ cryptos.
  4. Users can run their various accounts on the IOVO platform through their wallets, users accounts consist of a public key used for the address and a private key used to sign transactions.
  5. IOVO allows DApp developers and users to create or use existing tokens on the IOVO blockchain network and these tokens are used to pay for searching fees on the IOVO database.


The IOVO token ICO has been successfully concluded and funds raised from the ICO will b e shared to various activities and programs of the platform in the following allocation order: 50% for Development, 15% for PR & Marketing, 10% for Team, 5% each for Administrative purposes, IOVO foundation and Legal matters while 10% goes to the Business Development sector.


Token Symbol => IOVONetwork Type => ETHEREUM blockchain networkToken Supply 1,000,000,000


Continuous rise in the use of digital devices and increasing migration of various human activities to the internet network, leads to more accumulation and generation of personal data which forms an integral part of human value. Unfortunately these data in question are underutilized by the actual owners because the owners are consciously or unconsciously denied access to ownership and control of their data and as a result of this, owners of the data are equally denied the opportunity to convert their data to some form of financial benefits.This unfair and unfortunate treatment meted out to these data owners is what IOVO has come to put to an end and return smiles on the faces of the data owners.




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