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TokenPay is a reorganized poject and a self-verifying payment platform. The project survives solely on mathematics and it is invented and designed to permit and manage secure transactions between multiple parties.

TokenPay is a blockchain project that incorporates digital cryptographic technology with super-advanced security and user privacy features. The TokenPay blockchain includes Multi-Signature transactions, ring signatures, dark-key stealth addresses, zero-knowledge proof, and a room for Tor Network integration”

The TPAY platform enables the exchange of other digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies around the world. TokenPay bridges the gap in communication between users of the TokenPay platform. TokenPay has established partnerships with a majority of corporations which include; WEG Bank AG, Verge, Litecoin Foundation, Token Suisse, and some other firm across the world.

What is TPAY Token?

TPAY is the utility token offered as reward on the TokenPay platform, it is a digital asset that can be used to perform transactions on the TokenPay Platform. It is important to note that purchase of the TPAY token does not equal investment in the TokenPay platform. The TokenPay platform initializes the external banking system into its ecosystem mixed with the ecosystem of a cryptocurrency.

TPAY can be used to purchase any goods via the Token Pay platform. The partnership between TokenPay and a few merchant services gives users the ability to purchase goods and perform transactions using TPAY.

For example, the partnership with CryptoBet allows users to bet on the CryptoBet platform with their TokenPay token. TokenPay’s partnership with Naked Brand Group (NAKD), an underwear brand, will allow users pay for goods with their TokenPay Tokens.

An Introductory guide to Token Pay (TPAY)

TokenPay has been referred to as the “world’s most trusted and secure” token, mostly due to its high-end security and privacy integration for users. Its many features also make it easier to use and more user-friendly. The platform combines a normal banking experience with closed-end private exchange, to foster use by service offering companies and new consumers.

Key Features of Token Pay

Users of TokenPay enjoy a lot of tantalizing and amazing features;

Multi-Signature Transaction

Multi-signing refers to requiring multiple keys to perform any transaction. This basically means that TPAY users have access to a unique feature that makes transactions more secure. In this type of transaction, signatures of involved parties will be required for the completion of the transaction.

Dual-Key Stealth Addresses

This means that users of TPAY get a more enhanced and secure platform for transactions. Stealth, as the name implies gives the blockchain transactions stealth. This means that the destination address of any transaction carried out on the TPAY blockchain will be hidden from the public.

Tor Network Integration

The Tor Network Integration will allow users of this platform to conduct and perform transactions on the Tor Network. This means transactions stay incognito and can’t be tracked.

History of Token Pay

It is not news that Bitcoin brought about the revolution in the digital currency world. It all began in 2009 when Bitcoin took the world by surprise. In the following years, many other digital currencies were launched; this also gave chance for many trading platforms to be born. Ethereum was the final straw that kick-started the popular “crypto-revolution”. Finally in 2017, a host of other cryptocurrencies, along with their respective trading platforms was born.

Towards the end of 2017, precisely November 2017, one of the giants in today’s world of cryptocurrency was created. The TPAY blockchain was birthed in November 2017, as a platform that will serve its users as a means of payment and transactions. Through the years, TPAY has performed major feats in the crypto world.

In March 2018, a crowdfunding campaign tagged “Verge Crowdfund” was launched, in May of the same year, a 9.9% acquisition of WEG Bank AG in Germany was made. In July, a partnership with Litecoin Foundation was established, giving TPAY more grounds and enlarging the TPAY team. In September 2018, a 50% acquisition of Blocksize was made. Finally in 2018, TPAY launched its Mobile Wallet which is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

2019 was a good year for TPAY, as it saw the launch and release of platforms and features that could make the experience more enjoyable for users. For example, in February, TPAY launched its Domain marketplace TokenDomains.com, following that, in March, eFIN and CryptoBet websites were released, and in April, a Beta launch of the eFIN trading platform took place. Finally in August, eFIN easy trade went live.

TokenPay Trading History

Currently, TokenPay sells for about $0.135497, up from a starting price of 0.0 USD. On April 21, 2018 almost a year over a year ago, TPAY hit an all-time high of 10.88 USD. Following the digital turbulence of 2019, TPAY hit an all-time low of 0.120116 USD specifically on the 12th of October, 2019. It currently holds a market cap of $2,227,128 USD

There has been a total supply of 20,614,951 TPAY, and there is an estimated circulating supply of 16,436,741 TPAY. It is estimated that TPAY has reached a maximum supply of 25,000,000 TPAY.

Where to Buy Token Pay

There are a few places where TPAY can be bought. The best place to buy TPAY is on the eFIN DEX platform. eFIN DEX is a platform that allows users trade TPAY with more than 30 exchange pairs. eFIN DEX has a partnership with TPAY, that makes it the best platform for trading TPAY.

Where and How to Store Token Pay

Digital currency, Cryptocurrency, or Crypto as it is fondly called can be stored in different ways. The ideal way of storing crypto is in a wallet. The wallet could be Mobile, Desktop, or Paper. Mobile wallets are the most popular wallets used for storing crypto, majorly because they are inexpensive and easily accessible to the public. The desktop wallet and Paper wallet are more expensive and the most expensive respectively.

Individuals or organizations who are looking to start trading TPAY, and are faced with the challenge of where to store it, need not worry, as the TPAY team has created multiple platforms for which users of TPAY can store their Token. TPAY offers its users all three modes of storing their crypto, or wallet.

Users of TPAY enjoy a feature that is not available on many other platforms. Users of the platform can store their crypto on the TPAY Mobile Wallet. The TPAY Mobile Wallet is secure, privacy-focused and easily accessible. By leveraging the crypto with a proprietary multi-layer TPAY security protocol, the TPAY Mobile Wallet keeps the crypto secure. The users of the wallet get full control of their TPAY coins. The TPAY Mobile Wallet is available on iOS and Android devices.

TokenPay also makes it easy for users who want to store their token with Desktop Wallets to do so. TokenPay has created software that can be used to store TPAY coins easily on the Desktop. The TPAY Desktop Wallet is an ultra-secure and private software since the TPAY coin is very private, sports multi-signatures and user inclusive coin. The TPAY Desktop wallet can be gotten from the TPAY Desktop Wallet page.

For shrewd users who would prefer to carry their TPAY with them, and store it in a preferred safe place. A majority of users prefer to store their crypto on physical wallets to be reassured of its safety. TPAY has made it possible for users to purchase these Physical wallets and it can be gotten on their TPAY Wallets page.

TokenPay Team

The TokenPay Team encompasses people from various fields and backgrounds, armed with vast years of experience. The TokenPay team work together and strive to make sure that the TokenPay offers a user-friendly ecosystem. Here are the members of the TokenPay team;

Derek Capo, Chief Executive Officer

Steven Stanfield, Chief Marketing Officer

Joseph Pacetti, Chief Financial Officer

Senen Garcia, General Counsel

Oana Raduta, HR Manager

Theodor Serbana, Blockchain Developer

Marian Danscoi, Back-End Developer

Stefan Ciuchi, QA Automation Engineer

Eduard Lungu, QA Engineer

The TokenPay team also has advisers from other fields;

Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin

Mathias von Hauff, Chief Executive Officer of Ten31 Bank

Sunerok, Founder of Verge

Elizabeth Vrettos, Audit Advisor

Subir Lohani, APAC Commerce Advisor

Carlos Araya, Legal Advisor

The TokenPay Team ensures that users of the platform enjoy reliable, secure and fast services.

TokenPay Future Roadmap

TokenPay has an inclusive and interesting roadmap. The TPAY roadmap is one that shows innovation and vision, coupled with an interest in user satisfaction.

October 2019, will see the redesigning of the TokenPay website, and users will also be given the ability to purchase crypto with their credit cards in eFIN DEX.

In December of 2019, a new TokenPay blockchain will be designed and created.

Q1 2020: Users will gain the ability to create and host personal apps on eFIN DEX

Q2 2020: TokenPay Pro Wallet will be launched, with juicy features. Later in Q2 2020, TokenPay plans to sign a partnership with Blue Diamond Credit Card Insurance.

Disclaimer: Our writers invest in cryptocurrencies and it is possible the author of this article has investment in any of the digital currencies discussed. Some times author’s presented information may be laced with opinions. Treat articles as mere information and not as financial advice.

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