TokenPay Merchant Launches, Offers Free Crypto Payment for Stores

by crypto journalist

TokenPay has announced the launch of its Merchant platform, an enterprise grade payments system that gives store owners the opportunity to accept cryptocurrency for free without any hindrance.

Unlike other merchant platforms where users are charged for paying in cryptocurrency or store owners are mandated to pay a certain amount to receive cryptocurrency from customers, TokenPay centers its Merchant Beta on the adoption of cryptocurrency by giving users free access to pay and receive payments in crypto.

The platform, according to ToKenPay, has an HTML button wizard like PayPal which makes it simple for users to pay in TPAY.

Through the TokenPay Merchant, applications and e-commerce websites can adopt cryptocurrency without them or their users paying anything.

According to TokenPay, the merchant platform comes with three properties that are missing in other payment networks.

One, its unique zero transaction fees that allows companies to maximize their profits.

Also, it requires no extra knowledge of software development. Meaning, TokenPay Merchant plugins are easy to install for non-techies.

In the same line, the merchant platform is designed simply for users to get an intuitive experience.

Looking at TokenPay

TokenPay (TPAY) has been on the verge of bringing about full cryptocurrency adoption. The platform first initiated the link between banks and cryptocurrency project by acquiring stakes in Germany-based WEG Bank which was later transferred to Litecoin.

In another sense, TokenPay has launched series of innovations capable of bringing about adoption in the blockchain world.

Not long, the crypto platform launched CryptoBet with its token, CBET. It also launched a decentralized exchange referred to as eFIN where partners earn certain amount periodically.

TokenPay has partnered with Litecoin, Verge and TokenSuisse in its quest to create cryptocurrency family and increase the acceptance of digital currency worldwide.

In March 2019, information at our disposal reflected that TokenPay disclosed buying 6.2% Stake in Naked Brand, a globally recognized fashion brand.

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