SMM Gone Bad: TokenPay (TPAY) Better than Bitcoin but Similar to Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

by crypto journalist

TokenPay (TPAY) is a new player in the crypto verse that offers merchant services to its community. Its self-verifying mechanism has been gaining a lot of interest from businesses and individual users across the globe. With a robust infrastructure in place, the coin has been in the media as a way of popularizing its services in a bit to attain its mass adoption goal.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become the best route to the market for majority of crypto coins and tokens but TokenPay appears to have taken the strategy notch higher. Comparing itself with other coins appears to be the driving force behind its current attention and many investors are waiting to see if the hype will be sustained in the long haul.

In a new twist of events, TokenPay (TPAY) has taken to its twitter account and compared and compared itself with Bitcoin Cash arguing that it is better than Bitcoin:

TPAY features two second transaction confirmation ( and a fully anonymous stealth mode. We call it “Bitcoin on Steroids” because it simply has more features and works better for transactions. It isn’t $BTC, either is $BH. But for transactions TPAY>BCH.

Most of the new market entrants including TokenPay are selling themselves to the masses through transactions speeds. Blockchains with fast transactions are becoming very popular and the money processor is using he clause to woo more adopters and partners.

TokenPay Meets Litecoin in a Unique Alliance

TokenPay has been hitting the headlines for various reasons lately. The last few months have been awesome for the coin. The developer team has been on course with the project roadmap and appears to be set for the next Bitcoin bull run. The Litecoin and TokenPay alliance is one of the most ambitious mass adoption moves for the platform.

In a recent Raddit discussion, Charlie Lee was quoted saying:

“Through my interaction with Derek Capo, TokenPay CEO, I have sincerity and real desire to increase crypto adoption. Given all that, I feel comfortable representing LF in making the deal with TokenPay.”

TokenPay recently partnered with Verge, a move that has seen a growing adoption on both platforms with TokenPay being the immediate gainer given its role it is playing in the payment industry. This comes after Verge buying 9.9% stakes on a German bank which is an easy entry for TPAY into the German market.

TokenPay Controversies

TokenPay appears to be rubbing other major coins the wrong way. This time round, the coins have been on social media trying to belittle Ripple and NEO. The tactic is aimed at shifting attention from established coins to get inroads into their markets. In their latest tweet, TokenPay says:

“$NEO is centralized just like $XRP. The fake “Foundation” (fancy word for a company asked as a charity) controls al the nodes. “Chinese Ethereum.”

As much as there is some truth behind the statement, TokenPay appears to be using social media to gain that extra inch in the market and by interacting with mainstream coins, the marketing team seems to be achieving their goals. It waits to be seen how the campaign turns out once the TokenPay community continues to believe that NEO and Ripple are not 100% cryptocurrencies.

TokenPay White Lie on Social Media

In a recent cryptocurrency community’s performance poll, TokenPay (TPAY) was caught vote cheating against Electroneum (ETN). During the semi-final run, it was discovered that TokenPay faked it votes

to beat ETN. With Electroneum commanding the largest community, TokenPay had to fake its votes to win and once the manipulation was discovered, the coin got disqualified.

This could turn out to be a big setback for the coin popularity as the event exposed part of its unethical marketing strategy and for the investor to have confidence on the platform; a lot of convincing will need to be done. An ethical SMM is the only route for the coin to get credible adoption that will grow the community and TPAY value.

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