TokenPay Ecosystem Report — May 2018

by crypto journalist

May has been an exceptionally busy month operationally for us. After closing the deal with WEG Bank on May 9th, our development team has started working on the crucial high level integrations necessary to create a high volume marketplace with a tight bid and ask spread for TPAY. This is an essential step in powering our Multisignature Transaction Engine which serves as the backbone of our merchant payment platform. In addition to all of the integrations mentioned in this update report, we are in discussions with several high volume crypto exchange platforms including ones with industry leading volume. Further announcements will be released as integration deals are finalized. Follow us on Twitter for real time notification of our progress.

CoinPayments Merchant Processing Gateway Partnership

We are pleased to report that our Romanian development team is working around the clock on our own in-house crypto payment solutions. The integration with CoinPayments allows retailers to accept TPAY right now. We have already been inundated with requests from e-commerce merchants and our new website has a detailed step-by-step install guide. CoinPayments makes it very easy to accept TPAY and the transaction rate is only 0.5%. US and Euro merchants can get settlements denominated in fiat and sent directly to a bank account. Furthermore, thanks to the integration with Shopify, TPAY can now be easily configured as a payment option on any of the millions of Shopify stores with only a few clicks.
Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for a comprehensive video tutorial on how to accept TPAY in your online store.

TopBtc High Volume Chinese Exchange Integration and Partnership

One of the most critical deals we reached this month was with TopBtc. This is a top 20 by volume exchange that is focused on the Chinese market. Our top priority for the rest of this year is to increase exposure in key Asian markets like China, Korea and Japan. This is the reason why our CEO is in Asia right now and traveling to Korea in a few days for some potentially game changing deals. It is also the reason why we partnered with Japan’s Quoine back in early April. We know the action and opportunity is in Asia and we are going to hit the key markets in this region hard. The deal we executed with TopBtc is testament to this commitment to drive TPAY/CNY pair transaction volume.

SistemKoin Exchange Partnership Opens Thriving Turkish Market

Turkey is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. Merchants in the country are looking for a way to exchange TPAY to Turkish Lira (TRY) in real time. This partnership with SistemKoin has quickly slingshotted us into a very competitive position in the local e-commerce market that is led by Lira denominated shops. In only 24 hours on SistemKoin, the TPAY/TRY pair saw significant exchange volume. Enough that TPAY has become a top 10 crypto volume leader on this exchange, already surpassing many well established coins. We are very happy with the early strength that TPAY has demonstrated on this platform.

BiteBTC Exchange Integration Targets European Market

This is a newly established exchange that we have partnered with because of its strong international financial services network. BiteBTC has embedded the capabilities to allow users to buy and sell TPAY directly with credit cards, Alipay, OK PAY and through SWIFT wire transfers. This is a major benefit as most of the top tier exchanges do not offer this level of funding ability. TokenPay was recently listed on the BiteBTC platform via TPAY/BTC and TPAY/ETH trading pairs and has been progressively gaining momentum every day.

SatoWallet iOS and Android Wallet, Exchange and Mobile Staking

One of the most common requests we receive daily is for us to add a TPAY iOS wallet. We are happy to say that we plan to release an iOS wallet within the next couple months. It is being compiled at the moment and still under intense development. Until then, TokenPay users will be pleased to know that we have a undergone a deep custom integration with SatoWallet. The reason why it is a deep custom integration and not just plug-and-play like other coins is because we have our own blockchain . Integration is not simple.
Most of our competitors are ERC-20 vaporware, but that Ethereum based industry standard makes it simple to integrate with any exchange or wallet. It is literally point and click for the software provider. For TPAY to be integrated anywhere it is significant custom work, which makes all of these integrations so much more compelling. SatoWallet also features an Android wallet, an exchange swap similar to ShapeShift and the ability to actually stake TPAY in the mobile wallet. It is critical to note that SatoWallet will hold your private key. For maximum safety and security we still recommend that users leverage the TokenPay desktop wallet for staking activity.

Join us in Amsterdam on June 9th for VERGE Official Meetup

If you can make it out to Amsterdam, we would love to meet you. Derek Capo and several key stakeholders will be at this marquee event representing TokenPay. To commemorate this event in Amsterdam and the strong partnership between TokenPay and Verge, we have created a custom t-shirt for VIP attendees and have been giving them away on our Twitter . Featured guests include Sunerok — Verge Lead Dev and TokenPay Blockchain Auditor. The Verge Core Team will also be in attendance, along with several members of our Telegram Admin Team . Tickets are available at the Verge website , or through us if you want to pay with TPAY.

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