Why iCoin Pro will Never Be Shut Down like USI Tech and Bitconnect

There’s not many options left if you want to promote Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as an affiliate marketer and make high-yielding daily returns. Here’s Why iCoin Pro will Never Be Shut Down like USI Tech and Bitconnect.

USI TECH and Bitconnect were the only two crypto-related platforms that promised 1%+ daily returns by buying “btc packages” (USI TECH), or lending out your Bitcoin (Bitconnect.)

Both companies offered an affiliate commission structure that paid commissions to people who referred other people to the platforms, which many said resembled a ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme.

I had joined up in both companies (free to join) but fortunately was just watching from the sidelines. I wanted to promote these platforms on my cryptocurrency blog as an affiliate marketer. I was very excited about the growth of cryptocurrencies, just like almost everybody else.

Then, one day I logged into my USI dashboard and a bulletin popped down that USI TECH had and it read as follows (there’s more, but here is the beginning):

Extraordinary Termination of Distributor Agreement (Distributor ID: XXXXXX)

“Dear Customer,

You are active for our company in the US and/or Canada as a distributor offering our services. We were utterly dismayed to learn that a large number of our sales partners extensively advertise our services on their own websites as well as on social media in a manner which is a breach of contract as well as illegal, and which gives the appearance that our service portfolio violates both US and Canadian law. Despite the measures which we have already initiated, this behavior has even intensified in recent weeks and months. This has already resulted in actions by the respective authorities against various distributors, as well as the first preliminary injunctions in response to this advertising behavior.”

There you have it. . .

So, due to the “behavior of the distributors”, USI blamed it on the US and Canadian marketers for using the same type of language that the company used to promote their businesses online.

Last month, two promoters of USI TECH were accused in Texas for promoting aggressively and Texas Securities issued a cease and desist order against the two. USI TECH apparently fired both of the promoters immediately and everything seemed to calm down, but only for a little while. . .

A week later is when this popdown bulletin appeared in my USI TECH dashboard, and any commissions I had received was frozen and my organization had disappeared. They basically deleted the “pyramid” structure immediately.

Bitconnect Goes Down

Then, two weeks later I received a message on my crypto blog that a woman couldn’t receive her commissions or access her dashboard from Bitconnect.

I immediately googled “Bitconnect closes” and found the big Bitcoin sites like bloomberg and cointelegraph relaying the news that Bitconnect closes exchange in the US.

The main problem with these two platforms, USI TECH and Bitconnect, is that they dealt directly with cryptocurrency securities, promised astronomical daily gains, and had a recruiting-based pyramid structure.

The government is still trying to wrap its head around cryptocurrencies, even though the market capitalization on cryptos is approaching the $1 Trillion dollar mark and two blockchain-based ETFs were just launched on the NASDAQ – BLCN and BLOK.

Cryptocurrencies are growing so fast and due to their “decentralized” nature, the government is almost at a loss on where to begin regulating it.

How to Setup a Bitcoin Wallet for iCoin Pro to Get Paid

iCoin Pro: Complete Cryptocurrency Education

There is still one affiliate marketing, crypto-based company on the internet that I truly think will never be shut down and that is iCoin Pro.

Launched last May, iCoin Pro is “everything cryptocurrency.” The main difference that separates iCoin Pro from USI TECH and Bitconnect is that they do not deal with any securities.

iCoin Pro doesn’t have their own coin, which is what got Bitconnect and USI into trouble as well, and they don’t trade or invest Bitcoin or any other altcoins on their platform.

They are all about training and creating systems that help you trade or lend your coins on other exchanges, like Poloniex and Bittrex.

iCoin Pro teaches the absolute beginner how Bitcoin was founded, and also satisfies the most advanced cryptocurrency investor by showing them real-time trade suggestions by scanning over 300 cryptocurrency pairs.

iCoin Pro offers training modules on their site, which is the product, and does not hammer any message about recruiting.

iCoin Pro is continually adding to their library of crypto education and is only $39 a month. There is no huge investment needed upfront or at any other time – it is simply $39 a month to get the best training on trading, investing, and all other aspects involving cryptocurrency.

As an internet marketer, cryptocurrencies are a huge opportunity, yet are still very risky. I don’t have to worry about a crypto education platform ever shutting down.

It’s the Best Crypto Platform Going. . .

Thanks for reading! Please hit the button to take a FREE Tour into iCoin Pro:


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