• Thanks for the heads up from you all. I was asleep when this dropped.

    Covering MLM news has been bonkers this week!

  • One important point on the “blame the affiliates” game, it gives them an excuse (per their TOS) to stiff all their US and Canadian investors/affiliates.

    They speak of an audit and reserving the right to claim damages against the affiliates they say made them “look” illegal, those damages will be monetary in nature and deducted from what ever money the affiliates expect to be refunded.

    This point is mentioned by Oz but is worthy of being repeated.

  • I’m in full LOL mode right now! Just yesterday I had a conversation with a friend who is in USI-Tech.

    He swore it was legit. He swore the whole thing with Texas was nothing at all. He swore it wasn’t a Ponzi scheme. He swore it was going to become the #1 network marketing company of all time. He said he’s talked with the owners, had been to their offices, etc. etc. I could go on and on.

    I’m convinced that the people who get in these Ponzi deals built around bitcoin, gold, silver, etc. etc., didn’t just drink the Kool-Aid, they smoked it as well.

    To everyone at BehindMLM —- keep up the great work.

  • We all know that there were many major US promoters who were taking out large amounts monthly.

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if they sued USI if they get stiffed on what they know they were to have received and don’t get paid? There are a few I think would be dumb enough to try.

    Now that would be worth paying to be in court to see.


  • Surely not, the Texas cease and desist happens to every company and was totally nothing.

    Special shoutout to the YouTube fuckboy squad. Welcome to the real world, bitches.

  • Most of them have probably disappeared. Search YT for “USI-Tech texas” and set it to around December 20th if you can.

    We had a solid week of YouTube Ponzi pushers masquerading as securities law experts.

  • They still are being experts! The rhetoric coming from the leaders is reprehensible.

    They are spinning this as “oh you cant be an affiliate any more but you can still use the platform to earn bitcoin passively” and the masses are lapping it up. Holy shit they are brainwashed.

  • I guess the youtube university graduates are eating their diplomas now!!

  • You think any of them have higher education?

    Hell the YouTube poster-boy for BitConnect is some under-age schmuck who goes by CryptoNick.

    His response to the Texas BitConnect cease and desist? “Who cares?“

    The cherry on top is CryptoNick pushed out the video a few hours before the USI-Tech news broke today.

    At [2:27] references the USI-Tech cease and desist:

    A few weeks ago, about two weeks ago, they released a bitcoin investment firm… sorry, USI-Tech – they released the same exact document basically saying how, y’know, they’re unlawfully pitching bitcoin mining investment products in the state.

    And, y’know, as you can see the USI-Tech site is still here.

    This is a kid (legally) mind you. But that is where the MLM underbelly is at these days.

    Kids pushing multi-billion dollar Ponzi schemes on YouTube. We’re all fucked.

  • A hapless, cashless USI-Tech affiliate experiments with prolonged inconclusive thinking.

    Can you find out, if we decide to move to another country outside of the USA or Canada can we have our accounts reinstated?

  • I’ve just heard accounts are being frozen and people are being blocked on all forms of contact.

  • Good riddance… Glad it happened sooner rather than later.

  • I watched one of the response videos and one guy had 70k locked up….. I have no words.

  • Frank Calabro Jr just lost his “numbers on a screen” millionaire status.

  • I love watching scammers like Calabro Jr losing everything. He is such a loser!

  • If you want a few “snickers” Saturday morning at 12:00 noon Eastern Time, listen to a live “update” call by some of the “leaders”.

    515-604-9872, PIN CODE 722289#

  • oh ye.. i saw somewhere, in one fell swoop he lost around 4000 packs and 3000 direct team members he bought on hahhaha … master marketer indeed!

  • @Fred Watts, I hope some gov’t officials plan to listen on the call so they can get more names to track down and prosecute.

  • I told my buddy that USI will go for years as long as I didn’t join.

  • A lady I know put $9,000 into USI-Tech just last week. That’s money she’ll never see again.

    She have well just put that money on a Weber grill, doused it with gasoline, and throw a match into it. Too damn funny!

    (But what’s sad is how she bought off on everything her USI-Tech sponsor told her. Both her and her sister. Both are older gals; neither is in a position to just piss away $9,000 each.)

  • I’m in USI Tech. I have full access to my back page. Also got paid today.

    They’ve disabled commissions and the ability to buy new BTC packages. Can still buy their token packages. Can still withdraw. Nothing is frozen.

  • Bit of wishful thinking there champ. Give it time.

    Numbers on a screen != not getting paid. And they already said you’d be able to withdraw backoffice commissions cleared.

    With new investment tanking withdrawals will work till ROI revenue is exhausted. Which will obviously happen at an exponential rate now USI-Tech has confirmed there’s no external ROI revenue.

    It’s simple math, the US is USI-Tech’s largest source of ROI revenue. Whatever USI-Tech takes in from the rest of the world isn’t enough to pay everyone 140% + recruitment commissions.

    Leave alone the fact who is going to pay non-US USI-Tech affiliates their 140% ROI when the time comes.

    I know the average US Ponzi scammer doesn’t care about that but at least respect simple math.

  • OZ… What do you know about Crypterium ICO?

  • Numbers are all there. Nothing has been lost. Lot of claims above aren’t true.

  • I know that it’s not an MLM opportunity.

  • Numbers are all there. Nothing has been lost. Lot of claims above aren’t true.

    Didn’t think USI-Tech was a Ponzi prior to the Texas C&D.

    Didn’t think the Texas C&D meant anything.

    Think USI-Tech actually has enough money to pay their largest investor-base a 140% ROI + owed recruitment commissions.

    Some people are beyond gullible. Best of luck chasing unicorns.

  • Regardless if it’s a ponzi or not (Ozedit: Regardless? Offtopic derail attempt removed. Stop making excuses for Ponzi scams.)

  • If you want to skim over the core reason why USI-Tech is on the run from US regulators, the Facebook echo-chamber might be a better fit for you.

  • Dave: Regardless if it’s a ponzi or not

    Where was it you did your law degree again ???

    Harvard, Duke, Stanley ???

  • Roman Moroni: I would like to direct this to the exstinguished directors of UFO-Tech: You lousy cork-soakers.

    You have violated my farging rights. Dis somanumbatching program was founded so that the liberties of common ponzi pushing citizens me could not be taken away by a bunch of fargin iceholes… like yourselves.

  • Ken U****: No, I’m new to the company but so far it looks like they are requiring us to honor our commitment to them while they dishonor theirs to us, meaning, we can withdraw ‘profit’s but not principal.

    I didn’t get in this for one percent a day but rather so I could bring others in and benefit 12 levels down.

    As I understand their current position, I must leave my principal in for 6 more months, while they give me the boot.

    That doesn’t even take into consideration my good name being harmed by telling hundreds of friends they could do things which they, USIT, now won’t let people do.

    I’m thinking the hornet’s nest of people like me will become worse than problems created by the Attorneys’ General.

    I see a scenario where there won’t be any US money left in 6 months to pay back my principal.

  • Dave: Can still buy their token packages.

    really, you haven’t been scammed enough? you still want to buy their token packages which are worthless?

    you cant sell token packages for pyramid commissions anymore. that was the only money to be made on these packages, the tokens themselves are useless.

    is usi tech registered with the SEC to sell token package investments in the US and canada?

    y’all want to get scammed again, when the company blames you and walks away with your money in a huff?

    just over a week ago, your scamming co founder mike keifer said that the C&D in texas was a minor problem and the lawyers would solve it.

    instead they put your money in big gunny sacks and ran away you friggin idiots!

    goodluck getting any money back from USI tech. they’re going to pay some money to the top recruiters who’ll keep you all calm and sheeplike while they gently lead you into the next ponzi scam they’re joining – usi tech was a bad dream. forget it. give me some more money and this time you’ll get richer than god. move on move on move on.

  • Ken U – your principal back in 6 months!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha

  • ken U: As I understand their current position, I must leave my principal in for 6 more months, while they give me the boot.

    there’s nothing in the usi tech notice that says they are going to pay investments back?

    – Still get our 40% return on our packages, so happy about that!

    – Can you provide where in the letter it states that BTC packages will be paid out in entirety? I could not find any text in the letter that states this. Thank you!

    – That’s not official. Even emailed usi asking what happens to our investments and they said they can not answer as they don’t want to give false info

    not getting investments back people. don’t nurture false hopes!

  • Dan Hunt told USI-Tech everyone was going to get paid owed ROIs. He states he hasn’t been in contact with USI-Tech management so, unless he’s lying, it appears to be based on baloney.

    Not withstanding USI-Tech doesn’t have enough ROI revenue to pay every US affiliate (their largest investor-base) a 140% ROI well ahead of schedule.

    Even on the 1% daily schedule obviously new ROI revenue is going to tank along with new affiliate recruitment, so there’s that too.

  • Oz: Dan Hunt told USI-Tech everyone was going to get paid owed ROIs.

    dan hunt also said he and david frost had contacted their own respective lawyers.

    if the SEC has actually got an injunction against USI tech then hunt and frost could have their bank accounts seized.

    as the company is offshore, it’s the top affiliates whose nuts will be on the chopping board.

  • Now that they are out of the US and Canada, expect the BS about the Bitcoin and Ethereum mining to restart elsewhere.

  • Without the US USI-Tech is over. It might not happen overnight but a massive Ponzi scheme can’t take a 40% hit to website traffic and survive.

    USI-Tech just effectively ended the “secret algorithm” crypto scam model in the US. Just like OneCoin ended the crypto Ponzi points model.

    If BitConnect goes under that’ll take care of the ICO lending scam and we’ll have some breathing room.

    The hardcore scammers might move onto smaller variations but for “the masses”, the attraction of which made BitConnect and USI-Tech so big, the illusion of legitimacy will be shattered.

  • Anjali I wonder if Hart Carson are Hunt’s lawyers. A good fit.

  • Cryptoskeptic: Now that they are out of the US and Canada, expect the BS about the Bitcoin and Ethereum mining to restart elsewhere.

    yeah, but it’s a slow death march now.

    usi tech wont survive 2018, i think.

  • Cryptoskeptic: I wonder if Hart Carson are Hunt’s lawyers. A good fit.

    i think hart carson will be busy building a defense that usi tech didn’t give them access to all information to make an evaluation of the business model properly, so they’re not liable in any way.

    they wont touch anything usi tech with a barge pole now.

  • Link please, or is the hack just parroting off my commentary?

    The Texas Securities Board is unlikely to have obtained an injunction during the 31 day cease and desist response period. It had to be the SEC, unless another state stepped up.

    Either way it’s all under seal. But if top US investors knew about it, you can bet they’ve been withdrawing like crazy since December 20th.

    Really puts the shitshow the top US investors are putting on Facebook into perspective.

    “Delete all the evidence, lay low… just do what the company says.” Bunch of slimy fucks right till the bitter end.

  • Oz: But if top US investors knew about it

    in a video around dec 16th, well before the texas C&D, usi tech founder horst jicha was very worried about US affiliates.

    did he have a premonition or knew about legal actions in advance?

    i remember commenting after hearing him that i wouldn’t be surprised if usi tech shut shop in the US soon.

    of course if jicha knew he would have pre-warned top affiliates!

  • Oz: But if top US investors knew about it

  • I don’t think he knows any more than we do.

    He either read my impression or came to the same conclusion.

    Edit: At least he’s acknowledging the unregistered securities. This is the same dickhead that was all over YouTube crapping on about how the BTC packages weren’t a security.

  • From the official USI-Tech letter to its’ US members:

    “We were utterly dismayed to learn that a large number of our sales partners extensively advertise our services on their own websites as well as on social media in a manner which is a breach of contract as well as illegal, and which gives the appearance that our service portfolio violates both US and Canadian law.

    Despite the measures which we have already initiated, this behavior has even intensified in recent weeks and months.

    This has already resulted in actions by the respective authorities against various distributors, as well as the first preliminary injunctions in response to this advertising behavior”.

  • Yeah, that’s what I picked up on the article. Nobody seems to know who the preliminary injunction was issued by though.

    Those it was issued against (which would likely include USI-Tech management) haven’t commented publicly.

    Hopefully we find out next week but I’m not expecting anything. The international nature of USI-Tech might mean the SEC needs more time to secure what they can.

  • The delusion is great in this one. The American and Canadian government are not against bitcoin. They are against usi tech because it’s a ponzi.

    And if you think other governing bodies in Europe and across the world will let usi tech trade in their countries after they have being barred from the USA, you have another thing coming.

  • Delighted with this news but astonished that the app for USI Tech is still listed on the App Store.

    You have to admire their cheek. Getting an app for your Ponzi listed by Apple can’t have been easy. Is this a first in Ponzi Land?

  • Nope. Onecoin had their “One cloud” app that provided rebranded access to leased cloud service.

  • alterego: astonished that the app for USI Tech is still listed on the App Store.

    i have flagged the USI tech app thrice over the last few weeks, explaining it is a ponzi pyramid scheme.

    these big tech guys google youtube facebook are running straight towards regulatory trouble in the near future. they make scamming so easy!

  • I agree, Anjali. I can’t count the number of times that Facebook has flagged my warnings to someone that they are in violation of the law as being spam, even with links directly to government webpages detailing the offense.

    It’s like Facebook doesn’t care about any offenses besides pornographic ones or murders.

  • YouTube didn’t get back to me about BitConnect YouTubers instructing US residents to circumvent US legal orders.

    Videos are still up. No shits are given.

  • Like I said before. Facebook erased my original scam page. And to get my page up, they are telling me to get in contact with the law firm usi tech hired in Germany.

    When all the people that have being scammed through companies advertising on Facebook launch a class action lawsuit because Facebook failed to protect them, the erasure of my scam page while letting usi tech have multiple pages running will be evidence of them not caring. I would like to hear their explanation when the time comes.

  • But haven’t ALL the bigger ponzi players promoted it in the same way? Is Dan Hunt a major player in Usi? Jump to around the 17 minute mark, is that Usi compliant? Is he facing a pillage of his account by Usi?


  • That’s the beauty of the exit strategy.

    Horst and the gang get a few weeks to tie up loose ends and disappear with everyone’s money.

    USI-Tech affiliates are held to ransom, urged to delete evidence and lay low.

    Then at the end of the bullshit audit everyone is disqualified from commissions for promoting USI-Tech for what it is – a 140% ROI investment scheme.

    Trouble is most of the USI-Tech investor-base are first-time crypto cowboys, who are no match for the MLM underbelly veterans playing them for fools.

    This shit is ruthless and will eat you alive from within the longer you wade through it.

  • Daveyw: Is Dan Hunt a major player in Usi?

    Dan Hunt describes himself as the USI-Tech “North American Master Distributor”.

  • Oz: Without the US USI-Tech is over. It might not happen overnight but a massive Ponzi scheme can’t take a 40% hit to website traffic and survive.

    alexa will help us track an already declining usi tech.


    i wish alexa would play some crash boom bust type of music in the background when ponzi graphs start their downward death spirals. it would make the experience more enjoyable for the viewers!

  • Looks like James has removed his youtube channel, the coward is going into hiding.

  • That’s a damn shame. These ponzi companies do it every time and people still fall for the con game.

    Sadly, it’s an endless game of losers. Live and learn, fam. Live and learn.

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