Top 5 Reasons Why Over Half Million People Have Joined USI-TECH

Bitcoin has gone crazy along with other cryptocurrencies. But, many people still don’t know how to profit from it. USI-TECH is the solution with their automated trading system that returns you a hefty 1% daily return on your bitcoin. Here’s the Top 5 Reasons Why Over Half  Million People Have Joined USI-TECH.

One – Leadership

With over 20 years combined commercial investing, trading, and startup experience, USI-TECH has a very experienced group of corporate leaders running the show, including:

Ralf Gold has helped return some of the highest ROIs in the industry for his clients, as he takes up the head trading advisory board.

Horst Jicha will retire in 2019 and be fully committed to the amazing growth of USI-TECH. He has a solid background with corporate securities and has floated two large companies worth several million a piece.

Mike Kiefer is in charge of the business opportunity side of USI-TECH and has developed and motivated large network marketing teams around the world.

Evan Ahern is in charge of product development, owns over 5o businesses, and is responsible for raising over $4 Billion from capital markets.

He is also responsible for leading large teams of scientists and engineers into the exploration of new technologies, and is well under way in producing the first hydrogen generator to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum for USI members.

Two – Products

USI-TECH offers Bitcoin packages that have an ROI of 1% daily monday thru friday using their proprietary trading platform that was originally sold to corporate investors for $1,000 each.

Now, it is possible to witness the powerful results and Bitcoin ROI for much less and is completely automated, so even brand new people to Bitcoin can get professional trader returns on their Bitcoin.

USI-TECH also has in their pipeline the creation of 3 million Bitcoin ATM machines and will be at locations all around the world in the next couple years.

Three – Hydrogen Powered Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining

As I mentioned earlier about Ethan Ahern, Ethan is in the process of developing his patented hydrogen generator to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum, and USI has dominated the mining industry.

As of 12/16/17, USI has 1% of all the global Bitcoin from mining and 2.5% of all the Ethereum due to their powerful, branding mining pool. Ethan will take USI to the moon with his hydrogen power, because Bitcoin and other coins need a tremendous amount of electricity to be made.

top 5 ethereum miners USI TECH

USI is reinvesting $10 million a month back into USIs hardware to stay on top of the curve.

Four – Member Support

Since USI-TECH has acquired over 600,000 new members within a year, they have added over 40 new people to their support staff, are bilingual, and offer multiple locations around the globe with 24/7 phone support.

All the corporate leaders can be googled and viewed on YouTube and are transparent about the USI operations. They are also compliant to U.S. regulations.

USI TECH Coin review

Five – Tokens and Commissions

USI-TECH has created their own token called TECHCOIN and are part of a very popular ICO underway. The earning potential on their tokens is 36% to 60%. I believe there’s 1 Billion TECHCOINS and a lot of potential to take ownership of this company through their token sale.


USI-TECH also offers a powerful affiliate program where no investment is needed. You simply sign up as an affiliate and can get paid down 12 levels in commissions when people order BTC packs through your link.

USI TECH Comp plan 2018 new

These are the 5 main reasons why half a million people have already joined USI-TECH. They are a solid company with long-term vision. I don’t see anyway that they could be potentially shady. Again, only invest what you can afford to use, and what I state in this article should not be taken as investing advice of any kind.

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