Is USI Tech A Scam? My Personal Experience Is it the case that if you come across a cryptocurrency company that states it can offer you a daily return on your investment, is this too good to be true? The company USI – Tech has seemingly fallen into that category as the struggle to withdraw money has not been matched by the demand of clients cashing out and since January 2018 this problem became a serious one which has only grew since then. How do I know? Good question, what gives me the right to comment on this? I have the right as I am an investor who cannot withdraw my money. Now thankfully I only invested £90 as a trial on one investment package but I know a fair amount of people who have invested a lot more than that! thousands to be exact. In the latter part of last year, Bitcoin peaked with massive returns on initial investments. My inbox was Was inundated with offers of the not to be missed bitcoin investment offers. I was skeptical of this and looked at Bitcoins charts and I could see that the crest of the wave had not broken yet so I decided to try it and write a review here at Online Wealth. I chose to do this and invest a small amount after friends had invested. I invested in one investment package for £90 with each package lasting for six months. With daily returns paid into my bitcoin wallet.     Now six months past and last month I logged on to check on my returns only to discover that I couldn’t withdraw my £90 plus my return on investment. There was a notice explaining that there was a situation and so I thought okay let’s see where this goes but the alarm bells had started ringing. So last week I tried to log in to see if the situation had been resolved only to find I now can not even log in so unfortunately as investments are a risk I will now write this £90 off as a lesson learned. A lesson I have no regrets doing so I can again urge you not to be taken in so quickly by unreal offers! I, therefore, give only my opinion in this review taken on my experience and pass on for others to do some due diligence when choosing what

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