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A Decentralized Social Networking Platform That Generates Revenue

Sphere Social Decentralized Social Network

Play A Part In Disrupting The $500B+ Social Media Marketing Industry By Taking Part In The Next Digital Revolution

All of the activity that we take part in on the internet as well as all of our social media presences all serve to contribute to what is actually billion dollar businesses. This is in part based on the amount of data that we generate based on our useage patterns. The data in turn is used for advertising and other means of monetizing our social media participation.

As an example, there are many people out there that think they they should be receiving more in terms of the protection of their privacy and data.

Also, in terms of the amounts of revenues that are being generated by using the data that we give freely [or is taken from us] – many feel that we should be receiving a percentage of some of those profits.

We via the use of Sphere Social’s Disruptive Decentralized Social Network the man on the street is able to take back the internet!

Sphere Social Is A Truly Innovative Social Network In Which The Users Can Generate Revenue

A Real Investment Opportunity

The Decentralized Social Network that has been developed by Sphere was in fact developed by using the notion that parameters such as …

  • Privacy
  • Company transparency
  • Data security

… ought to be at the core of all of the major social networking platforms out there on the internet that we all make use of and freely provide data to that they in turn use to make billions in revenues.

So here we have it at Sphere Social – a creation which is a decentralized social networking platform that is actually separate and distinct from some of the major corporations [without naming names] that we all know are profiting from our useage of their platforms. We as the consumer do actually have a say as now we are able to get compensated, and on top of that we now all have the ability to take hold of our own power through every interaction that we partake in and every connection that we make.

Sphere Social Is A Social Network In Which The Users Can Generate Revenue





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